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Housing needs, supply and availability (Worthing)
- Housing Need (SHMA)

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Strategic Market Housing Assessment (SHMA)

Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA) help local authorities to understand their local housing markets and assist them in developing their planning and housing policies. They provide an assessment of needs for all types of housing, taking account of demographic projections and the needs of different groups in the community, as well as housing demand and the level of housing supply necessary to meet this demand. The SHMA provides valuable insights into how housing markets operate both now and in the future and form a key element of the evidence base to support the Council's Local Development Framework.

SHMA 2009

The first SHMA that covered Worthing was published in 2009 in a partnership of Councils in West Sussex to asses housing markets across the county.

SHMA 2012

The Coastal West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Update was prepared by GL Hearn for the local authorities of Adur, Arun, Chichester and Worthing (which together comprise the Coastal West Sussex Sub-Region) and for the South Downs National Park Authority.

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Housing Study (Duty to Co-operate) 2013

A Housing Duty to Co-operate Study has been completed by consultants GL Hearn to examine the housing requirements of authorities within the housing sub-market area (Adur, Arun, Brighton & Hove, Chichester, Lewes, Worthing and the South Downs National Park Authority).

Linked to the SHMA update, this considers land supply and constraints to development (including the environment and infrastructure) in order to assess the appropriate balance between potential supply and demand for market and affordable housing at a district, and Housing Market Area level.

See also: SHMA update

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Sussex Coast Objectively Assessed Housing Needs Study April 2014

The authorities within the Sussex Coast Housing Market Area (HMA) commissioned GL Hearn to update demographic projections and draw them together with wider evidence to provide an assessment of housing need to 2031.

The study revises the assessment of housing need in the above Housing Study (May 2013) and takes into account existing evidence alongside updated demographic projections, analysis of housing market indicators and signals to address the requirements of the Planning Practice Guidance.

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Worthing Housing Study June 2015

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local authorities to undertake housing studies to calculate the Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) of their area. In response to this, and building on the previous work outlined above, the Council has published the Worthing Housing Study (linked below).

This study takes into account the latest population/demographic projections, data on household formation rates, economic factors and other local dynamics.

The report concludes that the full OAN for the Borough is 636 dwellings per annum. This is significantly more dwellings that are currently being delivered or that are planned for within the adopted Core Strategy. However, it is important to note that this figure is not the housing target for the Borough - it represents 'need' in the absence of development constraints.

It is now the role of the Local Plan review to balance housing need alongside other evidence to assess what level of housing can be delivered in a sustainable manner when taking significant environmental and land availability constraints into account.

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