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Housing needs, supply and availability (Worthing)
- Housing Capacity (SHLAA)

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Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

What is a SHLAA?

Government guidance set out in the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires all Councils to assess the amount of land available for housing development and publish the results in the form of a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).

The primary role of the Assessment is to:

  • Identify sites with the potential for housing
  • Assess their housing potential
  • Assess when they are likely to be developed

The completed study forms part of the evidence base for Local Development Framework preparation and also the starting point for an annual monitoring of housing land availability.

A site's inclusion in the Assessment does not imply that it will be made available for housing, The SHLAA is a technical study and not a policy document. Its purpose is to identify possible housing sites and assess overall housing potential. Decisions on which sites should be brought forward for development will be determined through the Local Development Framework process.

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Worthing's SHLAA 2013/14

The first Worthing SHLAA was published in 2009 following a very comprehensive review of all development opportunities in the Borough. This assessment was scrutinised during the Core Strategy Examination (2010) and has been reviewed and updated regularly through the Annual Monitoring Report. Although the document has been kept up-to-date it was considered appropriate to undertake a more thorough review following the changes to the planning system at the national level and the publication of other updated housing studies at the local level. The SHLAA update has involved a re-assessment of all existing sites and the identification of any new opportunities which has been partly informed by a 'call for sites'.

The methodology, which has been revised to reflect local circumstances, can be viewed below:

The 'call for sites' letter linked below invited landowners, developers and other interested parties to put forward potential opportunities for residential development so that they could be assessed for inclusion with the Council's SHLAA.

The assessment form linked below set out the information that the Council requested should be submitted in support of any development opportunity being proposed. Whilst the consultation period has ended it should be noted that potential sites can continue to be promoted by interested parties at any time.

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Worthing SHLAA 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

Following a detailed assessment of all sites the 2014 SHLAA report (linked below) provides realistic assumptions about the availability, suitability and the likely economic viability of land to deliver new housing. However, as explained in more detail within the report, it is important to note that the published assessment, at this stage, only considers in detail the previously developed sites currently located within the built up area of the Borough. Given the character of Worthing, which is largely urban, it is considered that this approach is sensible and pragmatic given that previously developed sites can often provide the most sustainable form of development.

However, Government guidance is clear in that in order to provide an audit of available land there is a requirement that the assessment identifies all sites and broad locations capable of delivering housing. Furthermore, the SHLAA is an iterative process which needs to be reviewed and updated to reflect the changing nature of sites. Therefore, and as explained in more detail in Section 7 of the report, work on the SHLAA will continue beyond this stage to ensure the assessment is kept up to date and to consider greenfield opportunities, most of which currently lie outside the existing built up area boundary.

To help ensure that the study was robust the Council published a draft of this report in April 2014 and invited interested parties to comment on its contents and the methodology used. Where appropriate, the comments received have helped to inform the report now published. Although the report below is dated November 2014 it should be noted that the base date of the study is 01/04/2014 which reflects the monitoring year used by the Council for housing data.

Worthing SHLAA 2015

The SHLAA will be updated annually in December as part of the Council's Annual Monitoring Report. The SHLAA 2015 Update can be viewed below:

Worthing SHLAA 2016

The SHLAA will be updated annually in December as part of the Council's Annual Monitoring Report. The SHLAA 2016 Update can be viewed below:

Worthing SHLAA 2017

The SHLAA will be updated annually in December as part of the Council's Annual Monitoring Report. The SHLAA 2017 Update can be viewed below:

Worthing SHLAA 2018

The SHLAA will be updated annually in December as part of the Council's Annual Monitoring Report. The SHLAA 2018 Update can be viewed below:

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SHLAA in the South Downs National Park

The study area of the Worthing SHLAA excludes parts of the Borough which lies within the South Downs National Park. Any development opportunities that are located in these areas will be considered as part of a separate SHLAA being progressed by the South Downs National Park Authority. The link below to the South Downs National Park website provides further information:

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