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Suspension of parking bays on-street and areas within Council car parks

What is a suspension, notice required and how is it enforced?

Suspensions of parking bays may be arranged for:

  • House or office removals
  • Funerals or weddings
  • Essential work on the highway
  • Essential deliveries (eg building materials)
  • The placement of skips
  • Special events
  • Filming
  • Facilitating the movement of traffic or safety reasons

Suspensions can only be applied to parking bays on-street (not yellow lines), and areas within Council car parks

Although many suspensions are arranged in advance, they may also need to be arranged at short notice, in the case of emergency works for example.

However, we ask for 5 days' notice of suspended bays to be given to other motorists for them to be enforceable.

Once a suspension has been authorised, warning signs will be put into place. The sign will state the dates between which the suspension will be in force, exact location of the suspension and purpose of the suspension.

Vehicles that park on the notified suspensions will be issued with a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice). This provision also applies to householders who have arranged a suspension for removals or work on the property, as the suspension does not permit the householder to park their vehicle there.

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Apply for a suspension

Prices correct as at 1st June 2020

Adur :

  • £25 per day - per 10 metre length


Outside of the Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) charges for suspensions are:

  • £25 per day - per 10 metre length

All Day Zone Pay & Display bays:

  • £25 plus daily charge of:
    • Tier 1: £12
    • Tier 2: £17
    • Tier 3: £22

Part Day Zone Pay & Display Bays - 4 hour bays only:

  • £25 plus daily charge of:
    • Tier 1: £11
    • Tier 2: £16
    • Tier 3: £21

Low Cost Outer Zone Pay & Display Bays:

  • £25 plus daily charge of:
    • Tier 1: £8
    • Tier 2: £13
    • Tier 3: £18

Non-Pay & Display Bays:

  • £25 plus daily charge of:
    • Tier 1: £5
    • Tier 2: £10
    • Tier 3: £15

Within the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Worthing the following apply:

  • Charges will be waived in the event of a wedding/funeral or for charitable organisations on-street only
  • When a whole car park is required to be suspended, the fee of the suspension will be based on the potential loss of income

How to apply:

Applicants will need to provide their name, address, telephone number, the location of the suspension, how many bays are required, the dates when the suspension is required and the reason for the suspension.

All vehicle details will also need to be provided for those parking in the suspension.

All applications must be made to the Parking Shop in Worthing.

You may also require a highways licence to place materials, skips, scaffolding and other material on the highway. Please check on the West Sussex County Council's website - highways licences page.

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