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Garage rentals and parking spaces

Please refer to the relevant section below for the correct contact details:

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Adur - Locations across the Adur District

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Adur Homes has around 1,000 garages within its housing estates across the Adur District which are also available to let to the public.

Garages with red doors

Charges are as follows:

Standard Size Garages:

  • £9.67 for Adur Home Tenants/Leaseholders
  • £11.60 for Non-tenants

Smaller Garages:

  • £7.04 for Adur Home Tenants/Leaseholders
  • £8.45 for Non-tenants

Parking Spaces:

  • £4.66 for Adur Home Tenants/Leaseholders
  • £5.59 for Non-Tenants

Prices are subject to an annual increase in April, prices correct as at 01-04-2017.

For all new tenancies (from April 2012), after the initial payment taken at the sign-up meeting, payment of garage rent must be made by monthly Direct Debit.

Note: Before applying to rent a garage please read the

If you are interested please complete the online application form:

Please note: that tenants of garages are entitled to use the Adur Tenants' Self Service Online to view their garage rent account.

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End garage tenancy - Adur Homes

You can use the following form to end an Adur Homes garage tenancy:

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Southwick Square, Adur - for residents and traders only

There are a number of garages available for rent in Southwick Square for residents and traders of Southwick Square only. These are dealt with by the Estates Team.

Please contact the Estates Team regarding garages in Southwick Square:

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Worthing Homes offers some garage rentals, for details please see:

Parking spaces

Worthing Borough Council lets parking spaces in Augusta Place, Worthing. Any vacant spaces will be advertised on this page:

  • Parking space available in Augusta Place, Worthing
    Current fee: £975 plus VAT per annum

Please contact the Estates Team regarding parking spaces to let in Worthing:

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