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Tammy Waine, Active Communities Manager

Tammy Waine has worked for Adur & Worthing Councils for 12 years and is currently Families and Wellbeing Officer. Tammy's role is to work with children and families to get them eating healthier and to become more active. This is done through a variety of exciting and fun programmes such as the Active Grub Club and the Happy Hearts programme.

Outside of work Tammy is a semi professional footballer, who has played at the highest level in England and in USA, as well as a qualified personal trainer and a keen runner.

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7th January 2020: Talk the talk and walk the walk!

Nicky Smith

Hello I'm Nicky Smith, the New Wellbeing Alcohol Advisor, and I'm talking over Tammy's blog this week to share an update on the wellbeing service.

I am excited to announce that we have now launched the new Alcohol service for Adur & Worthing during the 2021 Dry January campaign. We are officially OPEN and accepting referrals!!

Dry January is a national campaign raising alcohol awareness and urges people to rethink their drink and go alcohol free for a month, helping to detox your body of toxins and refocus your mind, which is especially good after a Christmas indulgence.

I'm taking part in this year's Dry January challenge and to help me stay accountable and focussed on staying alcohol free, I decided to raise money for a local charity that is very close to my heart; Caring for the Animals Trust (CARAT) in Worthing. Please check out my page at GoFundMe - any donations would be greatly appreciated.

So why not join me and take part in the 2021 Dry January challenge and take your first steps towards drinking mindfully, with the bonus of booking in your six sessions with me! Here we'll be making some small but beneficial changes around alcohol that can have huge benefits on both your physical and mental wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Alcohol Service is a low level preventive service for adults who live and work in Adur & Worthing. Offering up to six 1:1 confidential sessions, through a blended approach of face to face appointments providing a safe and non-judgemental space of support via Zoom or Google video chats, telephone, texts and emails.

As a nation we are oblivious to the ugly, yet simple truth about alcohol. We unconsciously use alcohol to deal with almost every life moment; celebrations, bereavements, happiness, stress and sadness. Preferring to use alcohol to bring out either the extremes of our happiness or block out experiencing those very real and hard life emotions.

So why not start this new year with a new healthier and more confident you? There are no downsides to this, all you need to do is show up for yourself and in time the rest will fall in place.

To access support and book in for your initial appointment you can:

I look forward to working with you all over the coming weeks, months and throughout 2021 and beyond!

Wishing you all peace, health and happiness, Nicky :)

2021-01-07 - Adur & Worthing Wellbeing: Alcohol Prevention Service

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17th December 2020: Look out for each other this Christmas

Welcome to my final blog of 2020!

The past week has been extremely busy due to the fact that I applied for a 6-8 month secondment opportunity within the councils and was offered the role. So from January 2021 I will be undertaking the role of engagement officer for a new project.

I have been doing a similar role at the Councils for 15 years now and when opportunities come up to do something different, I always think I wouldn't get the job, or I wouldn't be good enough (I am working on my self doubt!!) ... but this time the role captured my imagination and I am genuinely excited to start!

However, this has meant that I have needed to get up to speed with the project whilst trying to work on and hand over my other Community Response work. Throw into the mix my counselling studies and the Cruse Bereavement training I am undertaking, some woodworking gifts I am making and football re-starting, it's been an extremely busy time. I did find time to watch Liverpool beat Spurs last night (#HouseholdDivided / #DivorcePending!) which made my week!

I do want to take this opportunity to thank all of our community volunteers that stepped up in a time of crisis, some of which have continued to support our most vulnerable residents. It has been an amazing display of community spirit and some of the stories will stick with me for a long time.

So all that's left for me to say is have a lovely Christmas and please look out for your neighbours, it just takes five minutes to knock and make sure they are OK (socially distanced of course) and that five minutes could mean the world to them.

Merry Christmas and let's hope 2021 is a happier time for us all.

2020-12-17 - White cloud in the shape of a heart on a blue sky (Pixabay - 5055011)

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10th December 2020: A different Christmas time

For those that have been reading my blogs for a while, you will know that I love Christmas and in particular Christmas trees! It has to be real as I love the smell when I open the door!

As a child me and my mum would visit multiple places to find the picture perfect tree, and this has stayed with me! So my tree is up, complete with my three favorite decorations in memory of my nan and grandad and my gorgeous dog Rexy. It's nice to remember loved ones we've lost at Christmas time.

As festive as it looks, I must admit that I am not feeling quite as Christmassy as usual and that is due to the Covid restrictions. I usually love getting together with friends and family, but their safety comes first ... so this year will have to be different in order to protect our future Christmases I guess.

It's got me reflecting on a crazy 2020, but I'm trying to focus on the positives. So here goes:

  • I have learnt lots of new skills - I can now put up a fence; I built my workshop; I've learnt to create vinyl decals and wording for my woodwork projects.
  • I've loved my trail runs over Cissbury Ring - and I do think Buster (my dog) has enjoyed them too! The vet recently commented on his muscular physique ... I took personal pride in that!
  • Ryan (my nephew) loves Oak Grove College - for anyone wondering what it's like, our experiences so far have been amazing! He literally can not wait to go in the morning! His speech is developing really well ... in fact he doesn't shut up!! Lol

Through my Covid Response role at work, I have met some amazing volunteers and residents. It has been such a privilege working with them all and seeing how much we all care about each other.

Even in the craziest of times, I've managed to find some positives! It's not been an easy year for anyone. Let's hope 2021 is better!

2020-12-10 - Tammy has got a great Christmas Tree in her house

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26th November 2020: Missing social contact

2020 has definitely been a challenging year for people, and what it has taught me is that physical activity and social contact are really important to me.

This past lockdown I have continued to go running with my dog because I know it makes me feel better when I do it. It does become more challenging with the darker mornings and evenings and the wetter weather, but there is something so grounding with running and watching the sun come up. It gets the day off to a positive start.

The photo below was taken this week up on Worthing golf course - gorgeous!

2020-11-26 - Sunrise

Social contact is also important for my mental health. I am a people person and as good as zoom and google hangouts are, it does not compare to actually talking to people face to face. It is really hard to create spontaneity when you have to unmute yourself everytime you want to speak!

So this week myself and one of our wonderful Social Prescribers from Going Local met at Homefield Park in Worthing to have a socially distanced walk and catch up. I think we must have walked around it at least 10 times. It was so lovely to have face to face conversation again, I've missed it.

It then made me think about those poor people that don’t have anyone to talk to. So if you know someone who is isolated and living on their own can you check in with them? I have recently met an elderly couple who are struggling and I must admit that I have stopped by a few times with some edible treats and a listening ear, face mask on and outside of course.

It feels good to help!

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19th November 2020: The Comfort Zone

Nicky Smith

Hello I'm Nicky Smith, the New Wellbeing Alcohol Advisor, and I'm talking over Tammy's blog this week to share an update on the wellbeing service and much more!

It's Alcohol & Mental Health Awareness Week and this is my first EVER blog, so a huge thank you to Tammy Waine, the Dalai Lama (shhhh don't tell Russ Akehurst) of the councils blogging world, for allowing my ramblings to feature on her much loved and respected blog!

As a self confessed social media dinosaur, when I was asked by Tina Favier, Head of the Wellbeing Service, to potentially write a blog about setting up the new 'Wellbeing Alcohol Service' the first thing I did was smile, internally panic and then after our video call ended, I externally panicked ... quickly followed by a frantic Google search “What the hell is blogging?”.

So, am I out of my comfort zone? Absolutely! ... But after thinking about it, researching it, I realised that it might not be as scary as I thought? Plus, maybe it's ok to be out of your comfort zone? Maybe that's a good thing? After all, a lot of my potential clients that I am yet to work with, could also feel outside of their comfort zone too, when accessing the new wellbeing alcohol service.

So this got me thinking about the term 'comfort zone' - what does it really mean? I suppose to me, it means doing or learning something different, jumping off into the abyss of the unknown, making a change, breaking a habit or cycle. So why does that have to be so frightening? Why does change often feel so daunting or overwhelming or even scary? I don't know about you, but often feelings of anxiety are very similar to the feelings of excitement, a racing heartbeat, sweaty hands, rambling tangenting thoughts etc ...

So here I am jumping (or lets just be honest, more of an awkward, hold the nose, type of belly flop dive) into the blogging pool!

It has certainly been a very new and different experience for me starting a new job during a global pandemic. Working under the new normal of covid rules, it's been a challenge to wrap my head around. I think it's fair to say we're all feeling an array of different emotions during these times. Nevertheless, I'm feeling so lucky to have this opportunity.

This experience has made me appreciate how human contact should never be underestimated or taken for granted! I have been getting to know my new team, wider colleagues and our partners via the likes of Google Video and Zoom, which admittedly hasn't always been smooth sailing!

I feel extremely lucky and excited to have been given the opportunity to set up and deliver the Adur & Worthing Wellbeing Alcohol Service and I feel very fortunate to have landed in such a well established, friendly and supportive team. The Communities & Wellbeing team is made up of many experienced and knowledgeable individuals, each of which offering so many much needed services to our residents.

2020-11-19 - New Adur and Worthing service

I want my new service to compliment and run to the same high standards that are already in place and offer clients a valuable and meaningful experience ... So watch this space as the new alcohol service will be launched during the Dry January campaign 2021.

So until next time ... stay safe, be kind and we shall catch up in January 2021!

Nicky xxx

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12th November 2020: Remembrance

When the latest government lockdown guidance got announced, I am sure groans were heard for miles, in fact even my dog buster barked “No” at the TV. He then went and hid his running lead ... the prospect of lockdown - running every day again was even too much for him!!

Being the planner I am, I then started thinking of all the indoor jobs that I can accomplish in the next month! That's how my brain works ... it goes into organising and planning mode and that works for me. Other people are different but it's important to find what works for you in order to get you through another challenging month.

On Sunday at 11am it was a chance to remember those that lost their lives during the wars, plus it's always a poignant time for me as my nan passed away on 9th November 2007 and remembrance sunday is always around this time.

Anyway, on Sunday I stepped outside to show my respect and automatically started thinking of my nan ... at the very same moment, a red robin flew down and stood about 1 metre away from me.

The robin stayed around me for the next 30 mins whilst I did some gardening. I like to think it was my nan letting me know she is ok and watching over me ... again, this is something that works for me and puts a smile on my face. So what works for you?

2020-11-12 -  A robin sitting on a fence (Pexels - 5823460)

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29th October 2020: Food Donations Desperately Needed

For lots of people, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but for many people the stress and worry of trying to buy presents and feed their family is too much.

This week has seen the whole community pull together to donate food and meals to those children who may struggle to eat properly throughout the half term. The response has been amazing, however there are still many families needing a bit of extra support.

The Adur and Worthing food banks provide essential food to those families who need it, and they are seeing an increasing need for their service which is only going to increase as Christmas nears.

How can you help?

Firstly, when going shopping, can you purchase a few extra items to donate to the food bank? Many supermarkets have donation crates in store which when full, go directly to the food banks.

You can also drop off items directly to the food banks. If you would like to donate some food to help those less fortunate, please drop off at the following locations:

  • Shoreham:
    The Gateway Centre (Part of Shoreham Academy): 83 Gardner Road, Fishersgate, West Sussex, BN42 1SX
    Drop offs can be made:
    Monday to Friday from 1pm to 4pm
    and Saturday from 1pm to 3pm
  • Worthing:
    East Worthing Baptist Church: 43 Pendine Avenue, Worthing BN11 2NA
    Drop offs can be made:
    Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 11am
    or Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm
  • This Saturday donations can also be made at the Broadwater Parish rooms from 10am to 12 noon.
    For more information see: Worthing Food Foundation - Facebook Group

Dogs Trust logo (75px)

Shoreham Dogs Trust are also in need of dog food and treats, plus towels and bedding and would appreciate any donations. Please help if you can:

Finally, maybe you have some spare time on your hands to volunteer at the food banks? They are always looking for people to drop off food to those in need.

2020 has been a very challenging year, but the way the community has stepped in to help each other has been brilliant. Let's pull together one last time, no one should go hungry at Christmas.

For more information on Food Banks in Adur and Worthing, visit:

2020-10-29 - Shopping and till receipt (Pixabay - 879498)

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22nd October 2020: Trick or Treat? Yes or No?

For many people, halloween is something they look forward to year after year. Finding a costume, carving a pumpkin, trick or treating and apple bobbing are many traditions that have been adopted by families across the world, but for some people, the tradition of trick or treating causes anxiety and fear.

I love fancy dress and I love sweet treats, but I have a reactive dog who at the knock of a door or a ring of the doorbell charges at the front door, barking and jumping up. This state of anxiety for him and for me lasts for a while after the door is answered, so you can imagine the prospect of lots of 'trick-or-treaters' descending on my house is not something that excites me! So I choose to not take part in Halloween.

However, lots of families will be taking part, so how can we ensure that everyone remains safe and that the elderly, vulnerable and people with reactive dogs don't spend the night fearing their doorbell being rung?!

Firstly, you could agree in your local neighbourhood which houses will be taking part and only visit those that agree.

Secondly, due to Covid-19, rummaging around in a bucket of sweets probably isn't the best and safest thing to be doing, so could you make up individual bags of sweets? Or cover a pumpkin in lollipops so people can just pull one out?

Thirdly, wear face coverings and remember to socially distance - maybe your face covering could be part of the fancy dress costume?

Finally, many will decide it's not the best idea to go trick or treating, so maybe you could do a treasure hunt in your own house/garden.

Whatever you decide to do, please remember to be safe (Hands, Face, Space) and also remember people like me with crazy dogs who fear their door bell ringing - not everyone likes trick or treating for many different reasons.

And please remember to respect anyone who displays a:

2020-10-22 - Halloween pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns (Pexels - 619418)

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15th October 2020: Another quarter completed!

It's that time of the year again when me and my team work out what we have been doing and how many people we have worked with for the previous quarter! It's always a stressful time as it usually coincides with database issues, connectivity problems and annual leave, but I am pleased to say we did it!!! This is where the true picture of how wonderful they are becomes clear!

A couple of highlights are that both our weight escape and Pre Diabetes programmes have moved from face to face delivery, to online. So a lot of work went into making sure their programmes worked effectively online and all the security settings, procedures were in place. Then they had to try to make the joining process easy for anyone who needs to join it, which was not easy. If any of the attendees are like me, technology isn't my strong point. So lots of hand holding (socially distanced of course! Tee hee!) was needed.

Our Get Active programme had to adhere to the ever changing Covid rules but also had to have online options in place in case protocol changed again!

Then Impulse Leisure unfortunately went into liquidation which meant there was a gap in services in Adur which we needed to try to help with. So in the space of a few weeks, Buckingham Park hosted some park yoga sessions and a Couch to 5km course.

If you would like to find out more about the programmes we run, see the: 

Life can be very busy and reactive, and reflecting on how far you have come often gets neglected, so it was a welcome reminder of how amazing my team is and how much their services are needed.

Photo: A woman doing yoga in a park

2020-10-15 - A woman doing yoga in a park (Pixabay - 2662237)

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8th October 2020: Will you go the distance for local homeless men and women?

I was going through my endless inbox of emails and one from Turning Tides popped up.

If you were not aware, Turning Tides are one of the largest providers of homeless services in West Sussex. They aim to transform lives and connect communities by providing outreach, information and support and provide accommodation and housing solutions.

Like many charities, they need funding to operate and this year will be running 'Go the Distance'.

10th October 2020 is World Homelessness Day and World Mental Health Day and on this day the 'Go the Distance' fundraising initiative will go live!

The aim is to dream up a 10,20 challenge that will get you out and about - you could run for 10 minutes and walk for 20, or skip for 10 minutes and jog for 20km.

What you do is up to you and it's free to register!

All they ask is that you try to raise as much money as possible.

To give an example of what your donations would go towards, £85 would give 1 day of emergency support to up to 30 homeless men or women!

If that isn't for you, you can get involved in other ways, they are looking for volunteers to help with regular tasks or one off events! See:

2020-10-08 - Go the Distance 2020 - Turning Tides

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1st October 2020: Challenging the Voice of Doubt

This week's blog starts off with a bit of sad news. A month or so ago, I wrote about my little chicken called Co-Co who was poorly, and thankfully recovered. Unfortunately, her health deteriorated again and she flew over the rainbow bridge last week. She developed something called water belly which is not curable, so we had to make the kindest decision for her.

She was 'free' for 11 months and got to experience grass, sunshine, dust baths and lots of love and treats. Unfortunately, she came from a battery farm where so much strain is put on their little bodies to lay egg after egg that they don't have a long life. I do miss her running to greet me and jumping up to get her corn. Fly high my little Co-Co.

2020-10-01 - Co-Co the chicken sitting in a large flower pot

This week has seen me battle my voice of doubt ... you know, that voice that says you can't do something, or you are rubbish, or don't bother, you will fail anyway! This voice has been very loud this week in two particular situations.

I am embarking on a Level 4 college course and after attending the induction, I thought what on earth am I doing. It's a lot of money, will take up a lot of my spare time and will definitely add to my stress levels!

The other situation in which this voice has been telling me I am not good enough is on a leadership programme at work. Sixteen of us have been 'selected' and looking around the room I felt very inferior and like an imposter!

I have had to work hard to not let this voice of doubt derail me and to try to come up with a strategy to question and challenge this voice! It's a work in progress!

Until next time, keep safe.

2020-10-01 - Lightbox (saying You Got This) and a laptop on a desk (Pexels - prateek katyal - 2740956)

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