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Daniel Fairman - 2017 blog posts archive 
Social Media Apprentice

About Daniel:

Daniel Fairman, Social Media Apprentice

I'm a student on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Adur & Worthing Councils. I began this apprenticeship in 2017 after completing my A Levels at Worthing College. I'm really looking forward to learning about the business environment and working with highly experienced colleagues who have success in the field I'd love to work in.

My role at the council primarily includes posting on social media, taking photos, creating videos and also the occasional piece of writing. Not forgetting the tea rounds which is really a job in its own right!

You can read Daniel's archived 2017 blog posts below - or click here to read his current blogs for this year ...

19th December 2017: A wonderful Christmas time

It's that time of the year? ... Seriously?

Yes, it is. I Can't quite believe it myself.

Worryingly, this year seems to have flown by like no other! To make matters worse, everyone older than myself (most people) insist that it goes by quicker with age...

Nevertheless, Christmas is upon us!

Here in the Communications Team we decided to create a festive video, where various departments in the Councils would wish viewers a Merry Christmas.

The concept seemed straightforward enough. Look down the lens of the camera and say:

“Happy Christmas from the [INSERT TEAM HERE]”.

Pretty straightforward right? The Foreshore Team begged to differ!

Hilariously, the team couldn't quite manage to say the message at the same time. Resulting in enough content for a bloopers reel.

After plenty of takes and a good bit of arguing, the lads did it!

The Foreshore Team along with all the other departments were full of joy and laughter, even if they persisted on not having the Christmas spirit!

If you haven't seen the video, it's available to see here:

Council bloggers are having a break over Christmas, so we'll be into 2018 by the next set of updates!

The new year also brings a chance to set new goals (though the majority of us are probably guilty to giving this “resolution” up by February).

For once, I achieved my aims this year. The most important of which was getting a job where I could continue to develop the skills I'd learnt from college.

I'm sure you can agree, the most common resolutions are: to learn a new skill, increase fitness, or to not spend as much money on pointless items. This year I'm aiming to pass my driving test and do the very best I can on my apprenticeship. What's yours?

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!

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12th December 2017: How I ended up getting an apprenticeship with the councils

Welcome back! This week I've gone all Lord Sugar on you all, and thought I would share how I ended up getting an apprenticeship with the councils.

I spent all of my secondary education at Shoreham Academy. But, after coming out with 11 GCSEs (including a dreadful mark in English Literature after completely screwing up the exam), like most people my age, I had no clue what career path I wanted to take. The only thing I was certain of was that I wanted to pursue a profession that allowed me to use my creativity.

Once I had finished my GCSEs I moved onto Worthing College, where I would study Fine Art, Media Studies and History all at A Level, along with an iGCSE English qualification in an attempt to improve on my disappointing result earlier that summer.

After year one I had dropped History and completed my English qualification, earning a B grade. I had also made good progress on my Art and Media courses which I would continue with into the second year. (A quick message to any reader of this blog: If you or someone you know is thinking of taking an art course, DON'T underestimate the amount of homework you will receive. It's ridiculous!)

Year two at Worthing College had ended, no more education ... or so I thought. I had passed both Fine Art and Media, as well as getting a fantastic result on my substitute ICT course. Then, when I had finished, it was college's out for summer!

I decided to take a long (and in my mind deserved) summer break, trying to make the most of the nice weather while we had it! The only problem was this lengthy break didn't go unnoticed by my parents, who continued to question when I was going to get a job.

One thing was for sure, I knew I didn't want to head off to university! The thought of yet more education, alongside the chunk of money I'd owe after, just didn't appeal to me. I looked at my options and decided that an apprenticeship would be my best choice.

Fortunately, I came across a role with Adur & Worthing Councils that was advertising the role of a Social Media Apprentice. Decent!

Before I knew it I had an interview, where I was asked to prepare a presentation for a created scenario.

It was quite nerve-wracking and afterwards I was unsure how the interview had gone. Obviously I didn't do too bad, as days later I was offered the position!

I was chillin out at home, watching Wimbledon as you do, when I got a phone call congratulating me on the job. I seem to recall me parents calling me a “lucky so-and-so”. I couldn't agree more.

One week later I arrived at the Town Hall to start my first day - and I like to think things have gone from strength to strength since then.

At the time of writing this, I have been here for just over four months. The apprenticeship scheme has given me a fantastic opportunity to develop my expertise and understanding of a business environment. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

And just writing down my journey in brief for this blog has made me realise the saying that everything happens for a reason.

Photo: Taking photos on our recent dress up for Children in Need fund raising day

2017-12-12 - Taking photos on our recent dress up for Children in Need fund raising day

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5th December 2017: Capturing a major transformation

Welcome back!

Last week saw Five Rivers begin the second stage of an an exciting project at Worthing's Brooklands Park. Therefore we visited the site to get an update on one of major developments across Adur and Worthing.

If you have read any of my previous blogs then you'll know by now that my role at these kind of events is to take photos and video that we can then share online via our social media accounts.

Cold winds combined with the light rain showers made for perfect conditions. After a quick safety briefing we headed out to the lake with safety wear equipped - all surely as culprits to the fashion police!

Jacob Dew, project manager for Five Rivers, would be walking us around the site and talking us through the proceedings to transform the lake.

In the walk from the shelter over to the lake many of us realised that our footwear wasn't ideal. One of the victims of this was Worthing Mayor, Alex Harman, who was wearing a pair of lightly coloured cotton shoes. Perhaps he fancied a brown pair ... who knows?

We set off slowly on the slippery wet grass to begin Jacob's tour of the lake.

Our first stop was in the middle of the lake where the island used to be. If you had never visited Brooklands before you wouldn't have guessed that an island ever existed there.

Jacob talked us through the amazing plans for Brooklands Lake that would surely bring new and old visitors back to the park.

The walk to the centre of the lake meant going through layers of thick mud, a path which had been created for all the heavy vehicles on the site. This was where those who didn't bring wellies, like myself, were exposed for their idiocy.

We moved on around the lake to a point where marginal revetments were being created. There was a highly skilled man operating a digger who was incredibly accurate at moving the silt into the borders. I know from experience that this is no easy task after visiting Diggerland many years ago.

Once the walk and talk had finished we asked Jacob Dew and Cllr Dianne Guest for an interview to inform residents on what the development is and what the advantages of it will be.

The video was a success! Being viewed by 4,000 people and reaching almost 10,000. Videos aren't easy to make, but they are certainly rewarding!

I have been a regular visitor of Brooklands while growing up. It's clear there has been a lack of maintenance over the last few years, so I'm happy to see that the park is getting the attention it deserves. It has the potential to be something special!

If you haven't seen the Brooklands update video that I made, be sure to watch it here:

I am planning to visit Brooklands on a weekly basis to monitor the constant progress being made. So be sure to follow our pages to stay updated!

Photo: Watching one of the diggers hard at work in Brooklands Lake

2017-12-05 - Watching one of the diggers hard at work in Brooklands Lake

Photo: Cllr Di Guest and Cllr Alex Harman speak to Jacob Dew, of Five Rovers about the Brooklands revamp

PR17-165 - Cllr Di Guest and Cllr Alex Harman speak to Jacob Dew, of Five Rovers about the Brooklands revamp

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28th November 2017: Happy kids, happy parents and very Happy Hearts

A highlight of working in the Communications Team is getting to work with all the different departments that are within the council.

Last week I joined Tammy Waine, a Families and Wellbeing Officer at the councils, and fellow weekly blogger! (you can read Tammy's blogs here).

Tammy has created an award winning scheme named Happy Hearts, whereby 4-6 year olds are taught to eat healthily and look after their bodies with fun and interactive class activities.

I have worked with Tammy on multiple occasions. One of which being when I attended the introductory lesson at Hawthorns Primary School to create a short video to promote the Happy Hearts programme. This video is available here:

Wednesday saw the last of the six Happy Hearts sessions at Hawthorns where the parents/guardians of the children come along to a recap session. The pupils of Hawthorns were called up one by one and received a Happy Hearts completion certificate from Tammy, as well as a high five from Artie Beat!

As the certificates were being handed out I realised just how much the pupils had connected with Tammy. When she arrived the children seemed so excited to have another lesson, something every teacher surely aspires to.

The parents/guardians appeared impressed at how much their child had learnt over the programme. Perhaps the programme has even opened the eyes of some parents too - they were shocked at the statistic that one family pack of Haribo contains almost 30 teaspoons of sugar. Children aged 4-6 only need 6 teaspoons a day! Food for thought for all of us ...

Once the session had finished I asked the parents whether they would be up for a quick interview to share their thoughts on how valuable the programme is. Unfortunately the majority of the parents were quite camera shy, but some left some really touching letters for Tammy.

One message in particular stood out. The parent said that they had seen a complete change in their child and that they have transitioned from being fussy eaters to comfortably trying out new foods. Additionally, they are substituting sugary snacks for their favourite fruits and vegetables!

The pupils of Hawthorns were fantastic and could remember the key learning objectives of the scheme - demonstrating that Tammy's formula really works.

Unfortunately the programme has not secured funding beyond January 2018, despite having evidence and parental feedback of the scheme working wonders. This programme HAS to continue!

The difference between the introductory and the closing lessons was massive. The children all had a real understanding of what the purpose of eating healthily and having regular exercise was. Hopefully they stick with it!

Thank you once again to Hawthorns Primary School teachers and pupils for being so welcoming. Thanks also to the parents/guardians of the children for allowing them to be filmed for the benefit of the Happy Hearts programme.

Photo: Children at Hawthorns Primary School enjoying Tammy's Happy Hearts lesson

2017-10-19 - Children at Hawthorns Primary School enjoying Tammy's Happy Hearts lesson

Photo: Tammy (right) leading the Hawthorns Happy Hearts session

2017-10-19 - Tammy (right) leading the Hawthorns Happy Hearts session

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21st November 2017: A very good day at the 'office'

Welcome! This week I'm telling you about my one of the many highlights of my time at the councils so far; my day with the Beach Office Team, whose service it is to provide water safety and wellbeing for the public.

I was introduced to them back at the launch of the Donkey Bikes, which is Worthing's take on the bicycle hire scheme. I remember seeing their eyes light up, I sensed more for the excitement of identifying the DSLR camera which I was carrying rather than meeting myself unfortunately.

Graham Cherrett, Senior Foreshore Inspector and my fellow Tuesday blogger, talked me through their renovation plans for the Beach Office and asked me if I could help with the project.

Their idea was to send me out on a rib with the camera to get some awesome photos that could then be used to freshen up their office. This in turn was also a great opportunity to get some stock photos of Adur and Worthing's seafront.

Being offered the chance to ride on a rib boat isn't exactly something you are going to turn down now is it?

The day itself was one of those where you feel incredibly lucky to live next to the coast. The sun was glistening off of the sea which was so inviting, that's not to say I was happy to go overboard though!

Once we had found a child sized 'damp suit' that actually fitted me, a then 18 year old, we set off out to sea where I was accompanied by two members of the Beach Office team.

We sped across the horizon travelling at speeds as high as 50 knots, which even on waters the day's calm waters made taking steady photos a challenge. It didn't take me long to decide that looking down the viewfinder was pretty pointless as it appeared impossible to get a level shot.

My ingenious solution to this issue was to set the camera up with a ridiculously high shot rate. The thinking behind this was that I would surely have to end up with at least one level photo of a shot that I wanted. This act of 'genius' meant I had over 1,000 photos to go through when I got back ... but it was worth it!

Excitingly we had an encounter with some owners of a private boat who were speeding in the marked zone. In a what felt like a high speed pursuit we intercepted their path to tell them to reduce their speed before reaching the buoys.

I was questioning whether this day could get any better. And it did when the staff on-board offered me the chance to drive the boat our return to the beach office.

It was so much fun driving the rib around! I think that the Beach Office staff really enjoyed seeing me have a go as well, as they said I had a massive grin on my face. They set me a point to point course that involved manoeuvring the boat around the buoys.

Thank you once again to the Beach Office Team for being so welcoming and giving me what was a pretty cool day at work! I hope you'll be having me back soon!

Photo: Out on the rib patrolling the beaches and seafront

2017-11-21 - Out on the rib patrolling the beaches and seafront

Photo: Lancing Beach

2017-11-21 - Lancing beach

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14th November 2017: A week of Remembrance

Firstly, welcome to my opening blog for the council! In my weekly updates I hope to show that working for the council can present great opportunities that you simply wouldn't get on any other apprenticeship.

Last week was all about the remembrance of our armed forces, both past and present. It's a massive week in the calendar for Adur & Worthing Councils, as year after year they organise outstanding ceremonies for our fallen war heroes.

Monday 6th November was no different as Worthing hosted yet another moving opening ceremony for the Garden of Remembrance.

It was a touching service that was held just outside the Town Hall. We saw the Mayor joined by veterans, current forces personnel and a selection of Worthing High School pupils.

Among those attending the opening ceremony was Lily Thomas, a Royal Marine Sea Cadet, who was attending as the part of the Mayor's cadets. I knew from the moment my colleague and I were introduced to Lily that she had clear ambitions of becoming a servicewoman.

From my first few months at the council I have learned when an opportunity for video presents itself and that you have to take it, so I asked Lily if she was willing to participate in a quick interview. Lily kindly agreed and this interview is available to view on our social media pages!

Interviews with the Mayor of Worthing and Lily Thomas are available on the:

Alex Harman gave me a lesson as to how the local Mayor should salute whilst attending these remembrance events. The Mayor is supposedly meant to tip one's hat to show their acknowledgement of the remark. I'm guessing that by the end of the ceremony Alex probably had repetitive strain injury having kept very busy with his hat.

If anything, that observation shows just how many attended the ceremony. The numbers were only set to increase as Remembrance Sunday was on the horizon, when thousands of visitors are expected to attend the ceremonies across Adur and Worthing.

Remembrance is special time of year because it allows us to feel connected to those who have given their all for our freedom, some even younger than myself. Wearing the poppy is the least we can do to show our gratitude to all the men and women who sacrificed everything for our future. We Will Remember Them.

The Garden of Remembrance is still available for the public to visit and pay their respects to those who have served for our country.

Photo: Worthing Mayor, Alex Harman, showing his appreciation to those who attended the ceremony

2017-11-14 - Worthing Mayor, Alex Harman, showing his appreciation to those who attended the ceremony

Photo: Veteran putting a cross into the Garden of Remembrance

2017-11-14 - Veteran putting a cross into the Garden of Remembrance

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