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Beach Office
Tommy, Tim and Rob - Foreshore Inspectors

About the Beach office:

Beach Office

The Beach Office is a front line service for water safety and public wellbeing. Staff are First Aid trained and can also deal with every eventuality from lost children to cuts bruises and questions such as “where is the best fish and chips”!

Tommy Broad, Tim Winter and Rob Dove will take it in turns to bring an update each week.

Beach Office - Tommy Broad, Foreshore InspectorBeach Office - Tim Winter, Foreshore InspectorBeach Office - Rob Dove, Foreshore Inspector

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10th May 2019: What's been appearing on the beach this week?

Beach Office - Tommy Broad, Foreshore Inspector

Hello my name is Tommy and I'm your designated blogger for this week at the beach office.

This week on the foreshore area you may have seen some construction work going on between us at the beach office and the pier this week, this is due to (WOW) Worthing observation wheel, and this is our newest seafront attraction that has been purposely built for Worthing. Once the wheel has been erected it will measure a total of 46 meters high which makes it the highest observation wheel to be placed in the south east of England.

At the start of the week we recovered a 45 gallon oil drum which had been washed up opposite Brooklands; this oil drum had emulsified oil in it due to it being in the sea for a long time. It was completely rusted over so we didn't know where it came from but we got it removed from the beach as soon as possible. We use a specialist contractor to ensure any pollution is minimised and the contents are disposed of correctly.

Since the start of the month we have gained another two members of staff due to the start of the summer season, Chris and Ellie.

Within the first two days we had one of the seasonal staff assist our foreshore inspector Rob dove in rescuing a sea gull that had been caught up under the pier structure and had become tangled in fishing line. Due to this they managed to rescue the bird with a local fisherman's landing net and managed to bring it back to the beach office where we decided to release the bird as it was unharmed and able to fly.

Our new staff each bring complimentary skills to our service, Chris (pictured below) is a marine mammal medic and he is sure to be able to put his skills to good use in his time with us.

2019-05-10 - Releasing the seagull on the beach

2019-05-10 - Releasing the seagull on the beach - watching it fly away

Have a great weekend

Your foreshore inspector, Tommy Broad

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26th April 2019: Littering on the seafront

Beach Office - Rob Dove, Foreshore Inspector

Hello my name is Rob and I'm your designated blogger for this week at Worthing Beach Office.

Right under our noses, at a time when I assumed attitudes were changing and littering was seen just as socially unacceptable as not picking up mess after your dog ... it's hard to not get frustrated when littering is being done deliberately and without a care.

As you can see from the photo, the offence was committed right outside the Beach Office around our free to use deck chairs. If the culprits had been witnessed leaving the site in this state a fixed penalty notice of £50 would have been issued to them if they did not return and pick up the rubbish and dispose of it correctly.

2019-04-26 - Litter on the beach - right outside the Beach Office, around our free to use deck chairs

It really can lower morale on a sunny day when beach goers have to sit amongst rubbish blowing along the beach and into the water; adding to the plastic pandemic that is already affecting the English Channel.

All this said many of you are passing through the Beach Office, collecting litter picking equipment and helping the Council clean up drifting rubbish and detritus our sea leaves behind.

One such group that put in a herculean effort on Tuesday was the Worthing McDonald's team who walked from the pier to the Sea Lane Cafe in Goring and back, collecting a huge bounty of plastics from the tide line.

2019-04-26 - The Worthing McDonald's team with the bags of rubbish they picked up during their beach clean

It's great to see businesses based in our town taking the issue seriously and putting in the hours to assist in cleaning up litter, sadly much of which is mainly takeaway food packaging.

Speaking to the McDonald's volunteers they were keen to re-visit another time soon and keep looking into ways of reducing plastic from their packaging.

If you would like to do a beach clean as part of your work's team, please go online to the Adur & Worthing Councils' website, search 'open space events' and fill out the online form.

Alternatively, if passing the Beach Office with friends, why not come in and sign out equipment.

Help create a cleaner local marine environment and change some mindsets along the way.

OVER ... OUT ...

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19th April 2019: Pier of the Year, boat ramps, Easter and deckchairs

Beach Office - Tommy Broad, Foreshore Inspector

Hello my name is Tommy and I'm your designated blogger for this week at Worthing Beach Office.

This week on the Foreshore scene the big news is that we have won Pier of the Year. It's the second that we've won the award with the first being in 2006. This of course got quite a lot of attention, and on Monday we had BBC television crews coming down to film on our pier for that evening's showing.

Along with our prime pier of the year, the boat ramps along the seafront have been cleared by excavators ready for the summer season. Allowing myself and the rest of the team to have better access to the sea from the beaches during our busiest period of the year.

One of these ramps is at the Beach Office so that we can start our summer water patrols, another is at the Worthing Sailing Club and the last is at Alinora Crescent in Goring where the public are allowed to launch their personal vessels from.

With the Easter weekend approaching alongside some warmer weather, we at the Beach Office have been servicing our vehicles and inspecting our equipment so that they are in their best conditions for the coming summer months. We have also been prepping training manuals for our seasonal staff that will be joining us from the first week of May for a week of intensive training.

Also joining us this week for the first time since the end of last summer are Worthing's beach deckchairs! Free to the public between the pier and the lido area, they will be available between 9am and 5pm at our office. All we ask is that you return them home.

Another addition to our seafront are the new big black bins which are situated along the promenade. We ask that when leaving the beach you please take all your rubbish with you and use these provided bins, as we want to keep our beaches as clean as we can for your pleasure and also for the safety of our treasured marine life.

Have an amazing Easter weekend!

You can find out more about our pier here:

Your Foreshore Inspector, Tommy Broad

2019-04-18 - A deckchair on the beach with Worthing Pier in the background

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