Food support made available in Worthing for those most in need

Released: Friday, 07 October 2022

Worthing residents struggling to feed themselves and their families amid the rising cost-of-living crisis are to get help, thanks to a financial package worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Worthing Borough Council has committed £100,000 to help those struggling with the cost of living, with £35,000 specifically set aside to support community food groups across the town.

The Council is also working with volunteer groups, charities and other agencies to help foodbanks, food pantries and Community Fridges in Worthing, including partnering with them to find a storage and distribution site, to minimise food waste.

Food pantries are similar to foodbanks, but clients pay a weekly membership and can take what they need. Community Fridges are spaces where local people can share food, including surplus items from supermarkets, local food businesses, producers, households and gardens.

Cllr Carl Walker, the Deputy Leader of the Council, said:

“We are all seeing the cost of living spiralling out of control and many people are now experiencing desperate financial circumstances.

“But for many, even paying for the basic necessities such as food is a real struggle and that is not acceptable. The Council is committed to helping those in real need get through these incredibly difficult times.

“Foodbanks are a vital lifeline for individuals and families. If anyone is struggling then they should not hesitate to get immediate support from one of the foodbanks in the town.”

Sarah Davenport, from the Adur & Worthing Food Partnership, said:

“Demand for community food has been increasing at an alarming level. Our network is gravely concerned that they will not be able to meet demand, a number of organisations have already limited their offer and some are worried they will close before Christmas.

“The choice is no longer between heating or eating for many, it is neither. It is not just people on benefits, there are an increasing number of working people and families accessing support.

“The groups are grateful for the support that has been received from the Council so far, however as fuel prices rise, more support is needed. We are calling for cash donations to our food groups, from both businesses and individuals.”

The money set aside for food support is part of the Council's Cost of Living Roadmap that sets out how it and other agencies will work together to help those in most need.

Working with West Sussex County Council, community groups and health organisations, other initiatives include identifying 'warm spaces' where residents unable to pay for heating can go for shelter and warmth during the winter months and holding 'pop up' community information events in Worthing to make sure people know how to access other cost of living support.

Over the longer term, the Council is also looking at how it could support interest-free loans to those who currently cannot get help from banks, building societies or other lenders, to extend its Proactive scheme to give financial support to residents and to offer grants to make homes more energy efficient.

For a full list of support groups and foodbanks, visit the Council's website. Donations of non-perishable food supplies and money to help buy goods are always welcomed by the groups, and can be made directly at any of the places listed.

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Page last updated: 29 November 2022

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