Mayor of Worthing pledges support for locals and businesses post COVID

Released: Monday, 24 May 2021

The Mayor of Worthing is vowing to support the local community as best he can following a 'difficult' year after being reappointed for a second term.

Councillor Lionel Harman was sworn in once again by elected colleagues at the Annual Meeting of the Worthing Borough Council in a ceremony at the Assembly Hall on Friday (24th May 2021).

His top priorities include fighting for a fairer society for everyone regardless of race, age, gender or sexuality and supporting residents, businesses and charities in returning to normal.

This is reflected in Cllr Harman's chosen charities which are The Worthing Society, Worthing Sea Cadets and Worthing Mencap (Buddy's).

He and the Mayoress of Worthing - his wife Councillor Karen Harman - will also be turning their attention to promoting the work done by the local Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans groups, by strengthening Worthing Borough Council's commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant.

Many of the Mayor's goals remain the same as last year - after the COVID pandemic meant he was unable to carry out many of the activities and fundraising bids he had planned.

Cllr Harman, who was first elected as a councillor in Castle Ward in May 2015 and re-elected in 2019, said:

“After being elected as the Mayor of Worthing in May last year, I was keen to help get the town back on its feet after the pandemic - little did we know how hard it would hit or how long it would last.

“The Coronavirus restrictions meant that the normal Mayoral year, including activities and fundraising, was just not possible.

“I am therefore extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to do a second year and as the Roadmap out of lockdown continues, I am looking forward to supporting local people, businesses and charities as they open up, and return to a more normal way of life.”

Most of his time is focused on Ward duties, working alongside Worthing Veterans and other military organisations in the town as the Worthing Borough Council's Armed Forces Champion, and working as a Wellness Consultant for Happy Hot Tubs.

The Mayor is also pledging to encourage everyone to be respectful of others beliefs, political opinions and cultures and promote projects that work to protect and improve our environment and climate. He added:

“Due to the restrictions last year I was not able to do a great deal for my charities, however plans are now being made to raise much-needed funds for them in the coming year.

“With all the good will and selfless acts of kindness displayed over the past year, I wish to encourage all of us to continue to show this respect for others in order to build a better society for everyone now and in the future.

“I intend to use my mayoral term doing everything I can to make this happen.”

During the1980s Cllr Harman spent four years in the Royal Naval Reserve. He is also a Trustee for TS Vanguard. the Worthing branch of the Sea Cadets.

He has missed not being able to visit Highdown Gardens over the past year and is excited to have been invited to officially open it again next month.

The Deputy Mayor of Worthing for the year 2021-22 is Councillor Richard Nowak, who represents Salvington Ward.

Photo: 2021-22 Mayor of Worthing Borough Council Cllr Lionel Harman

PR20-052 + PR21-078 - 2020-21 and 2021-22 Mayor of Worthing Borough Council Cllr Lionel Harman


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