SustainableAW magazine's Winter 2020 edition goes live: “Fighting the climate emergency with people power”

Released: Tuesday, 15 December 2020

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A look at how locals and experts have united in the mission to tackle pressing climate change issues is the main focus in the second edition of online magazine SustainableAW.

The cover story details how some of the UK's top environment specialists have been contributing to a special assembly, called by Adur & Worthing Councils, to discuss the local response to the climate emergency.

One of those - esteemed sustainability campaigner and writer Sir Jonathon Porritt - took his contribution further, providing an exclusive interview to SustainableAW about how working locally is the key to tackling the global crises.

The contributions were key segments in the five-part Climate Assembly events which were streamed online from September to December due to COVID-19 - meaning the 45 local residents and assembly members have been able to hear thoughts and ideas from across the globe.

Local organisations such as the Councils, Southern Water and Worthing Homes also presented to the Assembly, with the evidence gathered being used to inform future policy and action locally.

The Winter 2020 edition contains reports and features on some of that work, including the interview with Sir Jonathon.

When asked if citizen assemblies could deliver real change, he said:

“I've been interested for a long time in the whole idea of Citizens' Assemblies. It seems to me that they are potentially a very important part of efforts to revive our democracy, and to enable people to take much greater ownership of complicated issues - including climate change.

“For me, these Assemblies are one of the most important ways of building trust and strengthening democracy ... If there's an indication in advance from those involved in setting them up that recommendations will, if at all possible, be followed up on, then everybody knows that it is 'for real'.”

SustainableAW magazine was created by the Councils earlier this year, in order to shed light on the extensive work being done to support sustainability activity across the area.

The idea behind remains to raise awareness of important green issues, while unifying the councils with residents, businesses and organisations which can collaborate to combat them.

The Winter 2020 edition contains information about the work the Councils have been doing to achieve its goals - including installing windmills at Brooklands Lake to support wildlife, buying and protecting green spaces and providing detailed information on a range of financial support for householders to keep warm, cut costs and cut carbon this winter.

It also features a story about the recognition the Councils' Zero 2030 Climate Conference was awarded for its success. The conference was the focus of SustainableAW's first-ever Summer 2020 edition, released in July.

Cllr Emma Evans, Adur's Executive Member for Environment, said:

“During this last year, it's been evident how lucky we are to live here in Adur, with beautiful open spaces and parks. During this challenging time we have seen people support each other and take care of their community.

“In Adur not-for-profit groups, organisations, charities, residents and businesses united with the Council to go the extra mile, to have a positive impact, and ensure no one is left isolated. It is this community spirit the Council will always stand by and support through our SustainableAW plan.”

Cllr Edward Crouch, Worthing's Executive Member for Digital & Environmental Services, said:

“The global pandemic has brought renewed focus on our own communities and made us think about our role in the wider world. There's no more powerful display of that than the Adur and Worthing Climate Assembly which brought together 45 residents to discuss and develop practical ways to tackle the climate emergency. This move is innovative and has only been done a handful of times in the UK. But it says everything about the ambition I and my councillor colleagues have in promoting the sustainable agenda.”

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