Plans for new beach huts on hold

Released: Monday, 27 June 2022

Plans to add five more beach huts along Worthing seafront have been put on hold over fears they will ruin the sea views.

Members of Worthing Borough Council's planning committee considered applications to add extra wooden huts at four sites along the promenade between Worthing Sailing Club in Goring to the west and Sea View Road to the east.

However, there are concerns about the detrimental impact of adding more huts in the area, with the main fears being that extra huts would result in blocking the gaps between existing sections of beach hut and spoiling the views for those using the promenade. The committee voted unanimously for the decision on these applications to be deferred to enable the new administration to develop a coherent policy on beach huts to guide how we deal with these applications and any that might be made in the future.

Questions were also raised about accessibility for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and young families, as well as a lack of amenities and parking spaces.

Cllr Emma Taylor, Worthing's Cabinet Member for Citizen Services, said:

“Our existing beach huts along our seafront are an iconic and popular part of Worthing and will continue to be so.

“However, the plans for more beach huts would result in a reduction of our wonderful sea views, as well as hindering general access for the public. By building more beach huts we are providing something that benefits a few users, but is detrimental to the enjoyment of our seafront by a great many more people.

“Our seafront is a source of great pride to Worthing and should be enjoyed by everyone. As a new administration, we are determined to improve the quality of the natural environment both in the town centre and along the seafront.

“We want to adopt a new policy towards building on our magnificent blue and green spaces and we feel that adding even more beach huts would jeopardise people's enjoyment of our seafront and sea views.”

Goring and Ilex Conservation Group was one of the groups to object to applications for the extra beach huts, and a number of others made over recent years.

Photo: Beach Huts (on Goring Seafront)

PR22-110 - Beach Huts (on Goring Seafront)


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Page last updated: 25 November 2022

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