New regeneration councillor seeks review of development at Shoreham's Western Harbour Arm

Released: Tuesday, 24 May 2022

The new chief of regeneration for Adur District Council has pledged to take a fresh look at the scale of development at Shoreham's Western Harbour Arm.

Cllr Steve Neocleous, newly installed as Adur District Council's Executive Member for Regeneration, says he has his sights on keeping new developments on a reasonable scale while also ensuring there are enough much needed new homes.

And he has pledged that he will launch an immediate review on infrastructure including car parking, cycling lanes and schools. He has instructed officers to take a wider look at projects coming forward to ensure they factor these issues in when considering future developments.

His first task is to review the development proposals on the former Frosts site with a demand for a full and proper consultation with residents to take place.

Cllr Neocleous said:

“The beginning of the new political term marks the opportunity to look at some of the major challenges we face and take a fresh look at some of the issues local residents have raised with us.

“One of the things that has focused my mind is yet another developer coming forward - this time on the former Frosts site - without properly engaging with our communities or the Council beforehand.

“And this has led me to direct a review of how we are delivering development on the Western Harbour Arm and how that matches what we originally set out to achieve with the Joint Area Action Plan.

“Make no mistake, the movement of heavy industry into other areas of the port to release valuable land for new homes was always important to Adur - and now we are seeing homes coming forward that people will be genuinely able to afford.

“But I have listened to people's concerns about infrastructure - parking, traffic, schools and community facilities - and that is why I have asked for this review.

“From recent pronouncements, the Government is getting very tired of opportunistic developers bending the current planning rules to their advantage and wants to do something about the housing numbers game - and so do we.

“That way we can look at the area as a whole rather than piece by piece, and consider each development that is put to us - rather than having developers try to push through schemes that put more pressure on our town's infrastructure against our wishes.”

The Joint Area Action Plan sets out the strategic development and land-use priorities for the Shoreham Harbour regeneration area up to 2032.

The review, in consultation with local organisations and stakeholders like the Shoreham Society, will look at what's underway and what's in the pipeline - and what that means for the remainder of the Western Harbour Arm.

Photos: Shoreham's Western Harbour Arm and River Adur

PR22-092+158 - Shoreham's Western Harbour Arm and River Adur (1)

PR22-092+158 - Shoreham's Western Harbour Arm and River Adur (2)

PR22-092+158 - Shoreham's Western Harbour Arm and River Adur (3)

PR22-092+158 - Shoreham's Western Harbour Arm and River Adur (4)


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Page last updated: 25 November 2022

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