Secretary of State hails Worthing's Heat Network project

Released: Monday, 14 March 2022

Environment Secretary George Eustice has praised Worthing's pioneering Heat Network in the fight to reduce carbon emissions.

Worthing Borough Council Leader Kevin Jenkins and members of the Council's sustainability team gave the MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle a guided tour of some of the buildings in the town centre that will be heated using environmentally-friendly energy from the sewer system.

The Worthing Heat Network project will eventually link up 20 public buildings including the town hall, hospital, leisure centre, schools and law courts as well as new developments, potentially reducing carbon emissions by up to 3,000 tonnes a year - the equivalent of the energy used by 1,325 average-sized homes.

A centralised pump will be used to turn heat from the wastewater in the sewer into sustainable energy. Worthing Borough Council has secured a grant of more than £5m from the government's Heat Networks Investment Programme (HNIP) towards the costs.

Mr Eustice said:

“The Heat Network is a really innovative policy in Worthing.

“The idea of a district heating system extracting surplus heat from the sewer system and making sure it can be captured and reused is a really novel project and great that it's being supported by Worthing Borough Council.

“The government is very keen to support a project like this because the biggest single challenge we have to getting to net zero is weaning ourselves off gas boilers in homes and providing heating through other means.”

Cllr Jenkins said:

“Having the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show such interest and take the time to visit to find out more about our project is fantastic for Worthing.

“We have always tried to be at the forefront to find more sustainable ways of heating our buildings and we have continually shown our commitment to reducing our carbon emissions.

“This has been recognised and because of so much hard work we have benefited from funding from central government for this pioneering project.”

The Council is currently seeking a private sector partner to design, build, own, operate and maintain the network with a final decision to be made by February 2023.

Despite Adur & Worthing Councils only being responsible for one percent of total emissions in the area, they have set a target to become carbon neutral by 2030, as part of a wider commitment for the area as a whole to be net zero by 2045.

Photo: Director for Digital, Sustainability & Resources Paul Brewer, Environment Secretary George Eustace and WBC Leader Cllr Kevin Jenkins

PR22-058 - Paul Brewer, Environment Secretary George Eustace and WBC Leader Cllr Kevin Jenkins


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Page last updated: 25 November 2022

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