Shoreham Centre is set to reduce carbon emissions

Released: Tuesday, 11 January 2022

The Shoreham Centre is set to install a series of environmentally-friendly air source heat pumps in the fight to reduce carbon emissions.

Adur District Council, which has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030, is using part of a grant of more than £1.8m from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) for the installation.

Six Mitsubishi air source heat pumps will be installed to provide the bulk of the heating and hot water to the building which will result in lower carbon emissions. A new on-site substation will also be installed by the local grid operator, UKPN, to meet the increased electrical demand.

This follows on from a similar initiative at Shadwells Court in Shadwells Road, Lancing which is moving over to ground source heat pumps to reduce Adur District Council's carbon emissions at the site by 90 tonnes a year.

And there was also the success of the Worthing Heat Network which will link up 27 buildings including The Town Hall, library, hospital, leisure centres, courts, police building and eventually schools through the extraction of waste heat via a pump from the town’s main sewer.

Councillor Emma Evans, Adur Executive Member for Environment, said:

“Adur District Council has been at the forefront of trying to reduce its carbon footprint and introducing air source pumps is the latest project we are undertaking to achieve the ambitious target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

“Air source pumps are incredibly eco-friendly and will also reduce costs in heating. But we won’t stop there as the installation of solar PV is also another project to help us towards our goal.”

Air source heat pumps work by absorbing heat from the outside air and then transferring it to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems and hot water. They are capable of producing heat from the air even in temperatures as low as -15°C while also reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

The project is being carried out by K&T Heating and work was due to start on Monday (January 10). While visitors will not be impacted by the work which will mostly be carried out externally, there may be a reduction in car parking spaces.

Photo: The Shoreham Centre on Pond Rd

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Page last updated: 25 November 2022

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