Councils deliver key services despite pandemic

Released: Friday, 07 January 2022

A host of key services and projects to benefit residents, businesses and community groups across the area over the last six months have been delivered despite the pandemic.

In December 2019, Adur & Worthing Councils adopted an initiative called “Platforms for our Places: Going Further” which set out how they would provide services and support for the next three years.

According to a report to go before the Councils’ Joint Strategic Committee (JSC) next week (January 11) the Councils have committed to delivering 192 projects and activities that will benefit the area economically, socially and environmentally.

Leader of Adur District Council, Cllr Neil Parkin, said:

“Despite the most challenging of circumstances the Councils have provided quality and highly responsive public services over the last six months despite some incredibly trying times.

“We remain totally committed to ensuring our communities, especially those most in need, are fully supported. Our investment in community infrastructure includes our acquisition of the Lancing Police station and its use as a combined community/co-working hub is one example of that commitment. Despite all the great work already done we won’t stop there and that work will continue.”

Photo: Lancing Police Station is due to be transformed into a community hub

PR22-002 - Lancing Police Station

Leader of Worthing Borough Council, Cllr Kevin Jenkins, added:

“As we continue to juggle our daily lives with the issues of Omicron, I fully recognise that many of our families are facing difficult personal and financial challenges and this council will continue to work with our voluntary and statutory partners across the town to support those families to the best of our ability.

“I have asked officers to explore ways that we can provide additional support to those most in need, including investigating the feasibility of a discretionary hardship scheme and other measures to alleviate hardship. But amongst this we remain fully focused on providing jobs and developing people’s skills, while also ensuring we continue to attract investment and support our local businesses. One of those initiatives is our Kickstart programme that has so far placed 42 young people in full-time employment with another 20 to follow.”

As part of the Councils’ “Platforms for our Places: Going Further” initiative there are five key areas identified - places, people, climate change, services and leadership.

Included in some of the help provided, more than £60million in grant funding has been distributed to local businesses, while the successful completion of housing developments at Cecil Norris House in Adur and Rowlands Road and Downview in Worthing helped stimulate economic development.

Photo: New homes have been delivered at the Rowlands Road and Downview developments

PR22-002 - New homes have been delivered at the Rowlands Road and Downview developments

There has also been a focus on regeneration with the purchase of Teville Gate that will boast a host of amenities in the future, while work has begun on delivering Worthing Integrated Care Centre and a new public realm for Portland Road.

The Councils are also investing in a pioneering ultrafast broadband infrastructure that has already reached 32,000 homes, making the area one of the most digitally connected places in the south east.

Tackling Climate Change remains a key pledge for the Councils with the launch of an innovative campaign that more than 200 businesses in the region signed up to in a collective effort to reduce carbon emissions with the target of achieving a Net Zero target by 2030. As part of that effort, the Councils delivered the Worthing Heat Network to connect 23 buildings using a sewer source heat pump.

A number of initiatives to reduce homelessness have also proved successful thanks to Opening Doors, which delivered 75 lets and a further 14 in the pipeline for the most vulnerable members of society.

Photo: Image from QED Sustainable Urban Developments Ltd's plan to revamp Worthing's Teville Gate

PR22-002 - Image from QED Sustainable Urban Developments Ltd plan to revamp Worthing's Teville Gate

Photo: Shoreham's Cecil Norris House (Credit: Liam Russell Architects)

PR22-002+065+140 - Cecil Norris House (Credit: Liam Russell Architects)


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Page last updated: 25 November 2022

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