Immerse yourself in art on Worthing seafront this winter

Released: Friday, 31 December 2021

A new creative art exhibition highlighting cold-water swimming and wellbeing has opened at West Buildings Shelter in Worthing.

Entitled “Immersed 2021”, the collection of enlarged 80cm square prints have been created by Sussex-based artist Katie Sollohub, focusing on the benefits of facing risk and vulnerability through immersion in the sea.

Katie said:

“I aim to connect the shared experience of swimming to the creative process, by swimming with, photographing, painting and recording conversations with at least 66 sea swimmers, from quick dippers to channel swimmers.

“Collectively what unites us? Creatively how can art bring people together? This is a research project at this stage with a view to developing ideas for a larger project/exhibition in the future.”

PR21-182 - Display on Worthing seafront

The exhibition opened on Saturday, 18th December 2021, at West Buildings Shelter on Worthing promenade. It is one of several outdoor art spaces for residents to enjoy, which also includes the Seafront Gallery.

Katie added:

"It’s amazing to see them at this size, every brushstroke, every colour, so vivid and alive, like the swimmers themselves. And when the sun catches the surface of the print it shimmers and shines like the sea. Quite magical.

“Under each portrait is a quote from the swimmer about swimming. 30 paintings, 30 stories, and a hint of so much more. On the corner panels a poster sized print showing everyone I’ve swum with so far. And an open invitation to get in touch to swim with me again. This work never stops…”

Photo: Sussex-based artist Katie Sollohub has brought her work to Worthing

PR21-182 - Sussex-based artist Katie Sollohub has brought her work to Worthing

PR21-182 - Art and their subjects


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