Adur Homes residents to be consulted on the future of the Southwick Estate

Released: Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Investment in the future of the Southwick Estate has taken a step forward after funding was approved for the next phase of work.

Improving the homes in the Southwick Estate is a priority for Adur which has identified that significant work and investment is needed to bring the blocks up to a decent homes standard.

Funding of £454,100 to appoint a project team which will work with residents to review options including refurbishment, improvements, infill, or partial or full redevelopment of the Southwick Estate, has now been approved by Adur & Worthing Councils' Joint Strategic Committee.

A Resident Working Group, which was set up during the first stage of the project, will work alongside an independent resident advisor who will talk them through the next stages of the process and the options available.

The Southwick Estate lies between the railway station and Shoreham Port and contains 248 homes across 13 blocks, which are owned and managed by Adur Homes, as well as two commercial properties owned by third parties.

The first stage of the work was approved by the Joint Strategic Committee in March this year and focused on gathering residents' views about the estate and any issues in relation to the maintenance and condition of their homes.

A further £14,290 funding will be carried over from the first stage of work to be used in the next phase.

Residents will be asked to consider options including refurbishment, refurbishment and landscape improvements, as well as partial or full redevelopment of the Southwick Estate at two events this month.

A combination of these options could also be considered, and any proposals would be developed and presented to residents at a third event and then narrowed down through further group discussions and a scoring system by summer 2022, the joint strategic committee report says.

Once a preferred option is agreed a formal business case will be submitted to the council for approval.

Redevelopment of the Southwick Estate could give the council the opportunity to improve the supply of housing in the area, and the quality of tenants' homes, at roughly the same cost of refurbishing the existing properties, according to the report.

The council is also carrying out fire safety work, maintenance and repairs to its existing housing stock alongside the consultation.

Councillor Carson Albury, Adur's Executive Member for Customer Services, said:

“We want residents living in the Southwick Estate to take pride in where they live, and it is important that they are included in the process every step of the way.

“The capital works programme is a huge piece of work and it is only right that the tenants and leaseholders affected have their say as we work through each stage of the project.”

The Southwick Estate falls under Adur Homes' capital works programme which has earmarked more than £5 million annually to spend on its housing stock, and has approval from the council's cabinet for the next two years.

See also: The Joint Strategic Committee Southwick Estate Consultation report

Photos and map of The Southwick Estate

PR21-147+22-076 - The Southwick Estate (1)

PR21-147+22-076 - The Southwick Estate (2)

PR21-147+22-076 - The Southwick Estate (3)

PR21-147+22-076 - The Southwick Estate (map)


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Page last updated: 12 August 2022

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