Working to deliver on Climate Assembly recommendations with bold kelp restoration plans

Released: Friday, 16 July 2021

The ambitious plans for a Sussex Bay Marine Park and overwhelming support for kelp restoration are clear examples of how Adur & Worthing Councils are delivering on the Climate Assembly recommendations.

Last year, a representative group of more than 40 Adur and Worthing residents were randomly selected and brought together by the Councils, to identify ways to work together to tackle climate change and support our places to thrive.

Supporting the restoration of kelp off our local coast was one of 18 Adur & Worthing Climate Assembly recommendations, which were noted and approved by senior councillors earlier this year.

Now that work and the restoration of the kelp forest is a focus of the latest SustainableAW magazine produced by Councils to showcase efforts by officers and the wider community to introduce climate change tackling measures in our places.

The Assembly recommendation on kelp fell into the wider theme of green spaces and biodiversity, which also includes recommendations on rewilding parks and open spaces and increasing local community food growing.

As previously reported, the Councils are set to become the first local authorities in the UK to lease the seabed off their coast from the Queen, in a pioneering project to invest in climate change measures and restore marine habitat.

Plans for a Sussex Bay Marine Park along the entire county coast, east and west, would protect vital marine life, restore estuary habitat and even create a destination for eco tourism.

The move will support the restoration of natural kelp, of which there are three smaller species on the Sussex coast. All of them are ecosystem engineers, which provides food, shelter and crucial habitats for marine life, including juvenile fish.

If fully restored a kelp forest off the Sussex Coast could capture the carbon emissions equivalent to 66 million miles driven in a family diesel or the carbon emissions of 7,235 homes.

Support for kelp restoration is the focus of the Councils' Summer edition of SustainableAW, an online magazine created to showcase the extensive sustainability efforts being made across the area by the authorities, partners and residents.

It features an exclusive Q&A with Sussex Wildlife Trust's Sally Ashby - who is leading the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project. She discusses her new job role and explains why the vision and efforts to restore the algae seaweed are so important.

Elsewhere, we hear from the Goring-based but global firm, World of Books. The company's Head of Impact, Amy Greenacre, describes how their 'circular economy' takes production processes into consideration - outlining how to reuse, repair, and recycle items, increasing sustainable manufacturing and consumption.

The issue details how Worthing Borough Council is making significant progress in creating a flagship heat decarbonisation scheme in the heart of the town, called Worthing Heat Network.

It would be one of the first of its kind in the UK and would enable heat decarbonisation at scale for eight Council-owned buildings in the town centre along with other public sector buildings and major development sites.

And we hear from four stallholders who showcase their goods at Adur Markets every month - they talked to SustainableAW about their time at the markets, their efforts to be eco-friendly, operate sustainably and ensure goods have low food miles.

Cllr Emma Evans, Adur's Executive Member for Environment, said:

“This fantastic, jam-packed issue of SustainableAW leads with our bold vision to see the waters off our coast and estuaries teeming with marine life again.

“It also features the brilliant work other groups and residents are doing to be more sustainable. It's amazing to see the authorities, groups, businesses and residents working together to create a sustainable future for all - when we work together, we can achieve more.”

Cllr Edward Crouch, Worthing's Executive Member for Environment, added:

“As each edition of SustainableAW showcases, continued and determined efforts are being made to tackle climate change and help the whole of Worthing reach our area-wide target to become carbon neutral by 2045.

“Achieving such an ambitious goal is not down to one person or organisation, it's a collective effort. That's why it's encouraging to see many positive changes happening across the town.

“I'm proud to see people taking the initiative to do their bit for the environment, as we work to create a better and more sustainable future for us, and generations to come.”

This is the fourth edition of the magazine, which launched in the Summer last year:

PR21-109 - SustainableAW - Summer 2021

Photo: Kelp (copyright © Sussex Kelp Restoration Project and Big Wave Productions)

PR21-106 - Kelp (copyright © Sussex Kelp Restoration Project and Big Wave Productions)


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