Campaign maps out road to return from lockdown

Released: Monday, 29 March 2021

We're on the Roadmap to Return and, with a following wind, life can get back to normal.

That is the message today from Adur & Worthing Councils as Step One of the government's roadmap is reached. From today outdoor sports activities are back on and up to 6 people (or two households) are allowed to mix outdoors including gardens.

Now the Councils have launched the Roadmap to Return campaign which will record what needs to be done as we reach each milestone and will outline the re-opening plans that are in place.

Businesses, leisure operators and retailers are gearing up to open their doors and the Councils themselves have been busy sprucing up parks and open spaces and giving seafronts a lick of paint and a general dust down.

As part of the Roadmap to Return campaign the Councils will:

  • Put the spotlight on hard-working businesses getting ready to welcome back customers
  • Highlight the open space and indoor activities that will be available for residents
  • Detail the work that has been done to get our places looking spic and span ready for the summer months
  • Explain the work Councils and others have been undertaking to ensure safety remains paramount
  • Remind residents of the government's requirements for us all to reach each milestone of the lockdown lift
  • Continue to remind residents of the need to observe social distancing measures and face mask requirements so that we can successfully reach each new milestone

A spokesman for Adur & Worthing Councils said:

“We all want to see the end of lockdown and a return to normalcy but we also realise this must be taken step by step and that residents must feel that measures are in place to allow re-opening to happen safely. We want everyone to have confidence that measures are in place both from local businesses and from Councils for this to happen.

“We also want to remind people as we journey along this roadmap that Adur & Worthing has so much to offer for residents and others in terms of leisure, activities, shopping, eating out and a host of other things to do and enjoy.”

During lockdown Councils have established community support networks for the vulnerable, handed out more than £45m emergency government grants to local businesses, processed self-isolation payments to residents who were unable to work, found accommodation for the homeless community as well as ensure all normal services, such as waste collection and major project development, were kept on track.

Such is the demand for outdoor activity today (Monday 29th March 2021) that 65 hours playing time of the total allocated 84 at Worthing Borough Council's Homefield Park tennis courts had been booked by season ticket holders within a day of the booking system being reopened.

For more information and full details of our Roadmap to Return campaign, advice and latest news see:

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