Shoreham Farmers' Market continues to run in line with Government Coronavirus guidelines

Released: Thursday, 11 February 2021

Adur Markets

Tasty food and drink produce is available to buy from the COVID-safe Shoreham Farmers' Market next Saturday - as Adur Markets continue to operate safely and in line with Government guidelines around Coronavirus.

Adur District Council is ensuring markets run with restrictions in place for social distancing and the safety of the public, staff and traders - while providing the local traders with a financial lifeline and a chance to sell their produce.

They have been operating safely since July last year, when the Government ruled open air food stalls could continue to trade. Guidelines show businesses, including food retailers, are permitted to operate from market stalls.

The markets are being managed by stewards who are monitoring attendance, ensuring all visitors have enough space to social distance. They continue to be delivered at Tarmount Lane car park - a large, open-air outdoor space, which allows for better social distancing measures.

Councillor Emma Evans, Adur's Executive Member for the Environment, said:

“We are continuing with the running of Adur Markets in line with Government guidelines and by taking due care and diligence to ensure the site is spaced out, attendance numbers are monitored and that there is hand sanitiser on site.

“It's important for us to offer a chance for businesses to operate where they can, because as we know, many are facing such hardship during these unprecedented times.

“We believe the markets can run safely and securely throughout lockdown and we are constantly reviewing the situation against local infection rates.”

The move has been supported by local traders, some of whom have had other forms of income halted or dramatically reduced by the current lockdown.

Keith Kempton is the director of Riverside Brewery, a firm which sells its produce at the farmers' market. He said:

“On a year-by-year basis we generate most of our income from running beer tents at various fetes, galas and functions together with cask sales to pubs.

“Last year not one event took place and sales to pubs were extremely limited due to tier restrictions and lockdowns. As a result, the opportunity to sell at the market is proving to be a financial lifeline to us, and we are very grateful for this.

“With the current set up in Tarmount Lane car park, where there is plenty of space between stalls and for the customers, together with the marshalling, the one-way system and hand sanitiser station provided - we feel safe and comfortable to continue selling at the market.”

Charles How is the owner of Chanctonbury Organic Meats, which also sells at the market. He added: “If we don't sell at the markets we'd be left a surplus of meat that will stay in the freezer for months and months, and our income will be severely affected if we can't sell our produce.”

The next Shoreham Farmers' Market is on Saturday, 13th February 2021, in Tarmount Lane car park.

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Video: The short video below features Nigel Dewey, Markets Officer at Adur & Worthing Councils, where he describes how the markets are set up, how they run and what you can expect to find at the markets

Photo: Fruit, veg, and other tasty produce is on offer at Shoreham Farmers' Market

PR21-027 - Fruit, veg, and other tasty produce is on offer at Shoreham Farmers Market

Photo: The Riverside Brewery has a stall at the Shoreham Farmers Market

PR21-027 - The Riverside Brewery has a stall at the Shoreham Farmers Market

Photo: Chanctonbury Organic Meats has a stall at the Shoreham Farmers' Market

PR21-027 - Chanctonbury Organic Meats has a stall at the Shoreham Farmers Market

Photo: Aerial photo of Shoreham Farmers' Market (Credit Neil Pringle Productions)

PR21-027 - Aerial photo of Shoreham Farmers Market (Credit Neil Pringle Productions)


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