Work continues to further improve Green Flag standard park

Released: Tuesday, 03 November 2020

Works to further enhance one of Worthing’s award-winning parks is already underway.

Over the course of a wet and windy week, green-fingered experts from Worthing Borough Council’s Parks Team have been busy adding a piece of history to Beach House Park.

A Yew hedge stretching for 117 metres has been planted in the park in keeping with the original Victorian layout.

The 351 trees planted to create the hedge were funded by Rampion Wind Farm. They form part of the Council’s climate change planting programme as the yew is resilient to weather extremes and has high carbon capture capacity.

Added to the southern side of the popular park, the evergreen hedge is also one of the best plants for air filtration - blocking pollutants from entering.

Only being five years old, the new trees will take a handful of years to get established to their new home opposite Brighton Road, where they will be maintained by the Council for years to come.

With Yew living for thousands of years, it’s safe to say that this addition to Beach House will be enjoyed by countless future generations to come.

Worthing Borough Council’s Executive Member for the Environment, Cllr Edward Crouch, said:

“I’d like to thank Rampion for funding this planting. The environmental benefits of Yew fit well with the environmental benefits of wind power.

“Our Parks Team is having to change its planting policies to adapt to changing weather patterns and also to bring in species that help pollination, manage rainwater drainage, are resilient and still add beauty and colour to our open spaces. It’s fair to say we are learning a lot about how planting programmes have to change to acclimatise to new conditions.”

Photo: Beach House Park, Worthing

2020-10-28 - Newly planted Yew trees in Beach House Park in Worthing


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