Developer faces enforcement action for unauthorised tree felling

Released: Tuesday, 27 October 2020

A developer faces enforcement action after beginning building work and felling mature trees without approval.

Worthing Borough Council granted South Coast Nursing Homes permission to create a new 50-bed care home on the site of the former Sussex Clinic in Shelley Road in February.

This was on the condition that no work started until a detailed landscape plan was submitted and agreed by the local authority's planning team.

The aim was to make sure there was a phased felling of trees and secure a commitment that those taken down would be appropriately replaced.

But in September residents alerted the Council that work had begun on site without an agreement in place. This included a number of mature trees being felled by contractors.

Two Breach of Condition Notices were served on the developer at the start of this month, with each carrying a potential fine of up to £2,500 in the Magistrates Court if they are not complied with.

The developer has 28 days to respond from the date of the serving of the notice (2nd October 2020).

Cllr Paul High, Chairman of the Planning Committee, said:

“Issuing these notices is a last resort. But in this case we have been left with no option.

“Planning is all about striking a difficult balance between facilitating the required development of the town with the need to protect the environment and amenities of surrounding residents.

“In this instance, the developer has simply not played ball. The Planning Committee only allowed this development on the very clear understanding that a sympathetic approach to the phased clearance of vegetation and trees was to be undertaken to protect the amenities of neighbouring residents.

“The planning conditions were very clear but they have been completely ignored. This is a flagrant breach of planning and I am dismayed that the developer has acted in such complete disregard for the planning process.

“I hope other developers will take heed that the Council will use all legal powers available to ensure that planning conditions are adhered to and we will take appropriate action against any unauthorised development that causes demonstrable harm.”

Photos: Developer at Shelley Road faces enforcement action for unauthorised tree felling at work to redevelop the former care home

PR20-131 - Developer at Shelley Road faces enforcement action for unauthorised tree felling by Worthing BC

PR20-131 - Developer at Shelley Road, Worthing faces enforcement action for unauthorised tree felling

PR20-131 - Work to redevelop the former care home at Shelley Road, Worthing


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