New life-saving equipment installed in Adur and Worthing

Released: Monday, 26 October 2020

Four new defibrillators have recently been installed in Adur and Worthing, increasing the number of life-saving publicly accessible devices across the district.

In recent years, Adur & Worthing Councils have installed several defibrillators in premises and spaces where there is a high footfall, including on the seafront and the pier, at the museum and at leisure centres.

The latest defibrillators have been installed at the Worthing Crematorium and at the cemeteries in Lancing, Shoreham and Southwick, to increase the safety of the many people who visit them every year. A fifth defibrillator will soon be installed at Durrington Cemetery.

In the UK there are over 30,000 cardiac arrests every year outside of hospitals, where the chance of survival is low. A defibrillator is a device used to give a high energy shock to someone who is in cardiac arrest, which can be used by members of the public to save someone’s life while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

A spokesperson for Adur & Worthing Councils said:

“Every minute counts when someone experiences a cardiac arrest. By having defibrillators in public places, and particularly in areas that may be harder to reach for the emergency services, it means that our staff and members of the public can quickly come to the aid of someone in need of help and potentially save a life.”

Photos: New defibrillators have recently been installed at four locations in Adur and Worthing ...

Photo: Cllr Carson Albury pictured with members of Adur & Worthing Councils' Bereavement Services team with the new defibrillator that has been installed at the North Lancing & Sompting Cemetery

PR20-128 - Cllr Carson Albury and members of the Bereavement Services team with one of the new defibrillators

Photo: The new defibrillator installed at Lancing & Sompting Cemetery

PR20-128 - A new defibrillator has been installed at Lancing & Sompting Cemetery

Photo: The new defibrillator installed at Southwick Cemetery

PR20-128 - One of the four new defibrillators installed at Southwick Cemetery


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