Worthing seafront litter bin washes up ... in Germany

Released: Wednesday, 10 June 2020

It started with some mindless vandalism on Worthing Pier but at least had a happy ending 450 miles away in a beach side house in Germany.

A Worthing Borough Council litter bin, which was thrown into the sea from the end of the pier by vandals has been washed up after a six month journey at the island home of Frerk Richter.

The black bin displaying the Worthing crest was discovered by Herr Richter who lives on Borkum, a small island and popular tourist destination in the Leer District in north west Germany. He contacted Worthing Borough Council to share news of the bin's epic voyage at sea. Andrew Mugan, a project officer in the Waste & Recycling team who received Herr Richter's email, said:

β€œIt's certainly one of the most unusual emails we've received. I'm astounded that the bin ended up on the shores of Borkum in Germany. Having looked on Google maps, it's really quite a journey - it must have taken about six months to get there. At least from an environmental point of view, the bin is no longer in the sea.”

From Worthing, the bin would have travelled across the English Channel and the North Sea before being washed up on the shores of Borkum. It has now taken up permanent residency on the island, having been transformed into a plant holder in Herr Richter's garden. He said:

β€œI cleaned the bin with a pressure washer and it now looks great. I then put it in our garden, put a plant in it and my daughter finished it off by adding a birdhouse to the top.”

While there is a happy ending to this story, throwing items in the sea is a serious issue. It is estimated that 8 million metric tons of plastic alone are dumped into the ocean every year. Adur & Worthing Councils are committed to stewarding, protecting and improving the environment and urges its residents to help keep our oceans clean.

Photos: The Worthing litter bin from Worthing in West Sussex found washed up in Borkum in north west Germany which, after a good clean, has been transformed into a plant holder, topped by a birdhouse, by Borkum resident Frerk Richter and found a new home in his back garden (photo credit Frerk Richter)

PR20-062 - The Worthing litter bin found washed up in Borkum in north west Germany (Photo credit Frerk Richter)

PR20-062 - The Worthing litter bin has been transformed into a plant holder (Photo credit Frerk Richter)

PR20-062 - After a good clean, the litter bin from Worthing a new home in his back garden (Photo credit Frerk Richter)


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