Annual beach dog exclusion zones restrictions kick in

Released: Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Worthing's dog exclusion zone restrictions for the beach are to be enforced from tomorrow (Wednesday 13th May 2020).

To coincide with the start of the official bathing water season restriction on owners walking their dogs on the beach will be in force between Splash Point to Heene Road and between the two boat launching ramps at Goring.

Following the government's lockdown review which has relaxed guidelines around outdoor exercise the Council has decided to enforce the annual restrictions which will be in place until 30th September. Flags will fly between Splash Point and Heene Road and between the boat ramps at Goring notifying people of the restrictions.

The measures are designed to aid beach users and also to help improve bathing quality. Complaints are often received from members of the public about being affected by dogs or dog faeces on the beaches. In addition, one cause of pollutants in the water is animal and bird faeces washing into the sea. During official bathing water season the government takes regular microbiological tests at coastline locations, including Worthing, to ensure water is safe to swim in.

A spokesman for Worthing Borough Council said:

“Along with many other Councils we take this measure to help ensure our beaches and water are safe for all residents and visitors. It also helps with bathing water quality. Pollution in the sea comes from a variety of sources which we continue to try to tackle with other agencies but this is one measure that can help.

“Of course there are plenty of other local beaches and open spaces for dog walkers and their animals to enjoy across the borough.”

Photo: Small dog playing in the waves on the beach

2019-04-30 - Small dog playing in the waves on the beach (Pixabay - 1605300)


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