Recycling rates hit new high in Adur and Worthing

Released: Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Adur and Worthing residents are being praised for their recycling verve as recent figures show the area-wide rate has hit a record monthly high of 45%.

A combination of alternate weekly collections, warmer weather and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions - which have seen people spend more time at home - has contributed to waste falling and recycling rising during April.

Monthly figures show that the amount of general waste collected from Adur and Worthing households is down more than 150 tonnes compared to April 2019, the equivalent of 30 lorry loads. Meanwhile the amount of recycling has increased by 255 tonnes, or 50 lorry loads.

Combined with a rise in garden waste being collected this has seen the monthly recycling rate in Adur increase to 41.4% while Worthing is now at 48.8%.

This will put Adur and Worthing on track for a combined annual recycling rate of 42% - six percentage points higher than before alternate weekly collections were introduced in September.

Council leaders thanked residents for playing their part, not only in reducing the amount of waste but also by ensuring that only clean, dry and loose materials are placed in the blue-lidded containers.

Cllr Emma Evans, Adur District Council's Executive Member for Environment, said:

“I know lockdown life has been difficult for many but I want to thank all our residents for stepping up their recycling game in the last five weeks.”

“Not only is the amount of recycling on the rise but the quality has improved too, which means that people are really taking care when disposing of their waste to make sure the right materials go in the right colour bin.”

Cllr Edward Crouch, Worthing Borough Council's Executive Member for Digital & Environment, said:

“It's now seven months since we introduced alternate weekly collections and I'm delighted to see the positive impact it's having on reducing refuse across the town.”

“We may have reached a record level of recycling but we want to keep on going - which is why I encourage people to keep on doing what they're doing, reducing their refuse, increasing their recycling for the overall benefit of our environment.”

Adur & Worthing Councils moved to alternate weekly waste and recycling collections in September 2019 following the lead of 75% of other UK councils who have shown it can reduce waste and increase recycling.

The most common items which some residents are not recycling, but could, include: plastic bottles, tubs and trays (including black plastic), cardboard, paper and glass bottles and jars. See also:

Householders are also asked to crush down the waste in their bins so that larger objects, such as cardboard boxes, can fit into the blue lid bins.

The Councils said large cardboard boxes would be taken if left by the side of the bins but only if they are flattened and not damp after being left out in the rain.

PR20-044 - Large cardboard boxes will be taken if left by the side of the bins if they are flattened and not damp

Photo: Recycling has increased by 50 lorry loads across Adur and Worthing

PR20-044 - Recycling has increased by 50 lorry loads across Adur and Worthing

Photo: Recycling rates have hit a new high in Adur and Worthing

PR20-044 - Recycling rates have hit a new high in Adur and Worthing


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