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International artists choose Worthing to showcase their latest light and sound-bending project

Released: Wednesday, 06 February 2019

Worthing's creative hub Colonnade House is set to be literally lit up for a very public live exhibition from international artists.

'Organic Electronic', an audio-reactive laser-bending vibrating structure created by Zach Walker and Harry Yeff (AKA beatboxer Reeps One) with original music by Harry Yeff, will run in the venue in Warwick Street this week.

The exhibition at Colonnade House will be a live performance adaptation of Yeff and Walker's cymatic project, using the voice as an organic input to move, manipulate and control physical matter in real-time.

They will use the walls and ceiling of the gallery space as their canvas, using simple methods to produce beautiful mesmerising imagery that can be easily engaged with and understood.

The full effect of the structure is best seen after dark, so there will be free performances on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th February 2019 from 5pm to 8pm.

During the week Zach will be in the gallery in the day time to demonstrate and explain the work.

Clare Halstead, Creative Hub Manager at Colonnade House, said:

“This installation has to be seen to appreciate the way that art, science and technology are fused seamlessly into a stunning visual phenomenon. We are delighted to host this at Colonnade House, where we are building a name for ourselves in the digital community as well as the arts.”

Cymatics is the study of vibration creating form. Using vibration as a medium to move, organise and control physical matter has been an area of exploration for Yeff and Walker in their collaborative work.

The installation was created during summer 2018 following a period of Research and Development at Worthing's Sound House Studios. From September to December 2018 the public were able to engage with individual elements of the installation through workshops, and this was supported by Arts Council England and Worthing Community Chest. 'Organic Electronic' has garnered artistic and musical showcases at the Tate Britain, BFI IMAX and Milan Design Week 2016.

In this live adaptation of their studio-based project, Yeff utilises his voice and unique vocal capabilities as an audio input to generate cymatic spectacles in real-time.

In the absence of a digital input, the exercise creates aesthetics normally associated with computer generated renders. The result, a visual and sonic spectacle of otherworldly, live analogue art.

Yeff observes a unique relationship between the organic properties of the voice, and symbiosis between vibration and sound. He refers to the phenomenon as a visual metaphor for fluidity of thought and speech.

About Zach Walker:

Zach Walker is Co-Artistic Director of makeAMPLIFY, creators of site-specific installations and interactive live performances that engage, challenge and inspire. makeAMPLIFY were commissioned to create '(in) Dignity of Labour' for the launch of the Hull City of Culture in 2017 and over 350,000 people attended. They are currently Associate Artists with Studio Wayne McGregor's QuestLab Network.

Walker is also an international audio video artist commissioned in 2015 to create the Visualizing Vibrations Sculpture (VVS). VVS was a development of the performances with Reeps One and has been installed around the world for commercial events, festivals and workshops engaging over 4000 people over the last three years. The sculpture has been a part of Zach's live visual performances alongside artists and organisations such as Moby, DJ Shadow, Flying Lotus and Project Instrumental.

About Harry Yeff:

London born artist Harry Yeff (AKA Reeps One) produces work spanning disciplines, contexts and media as a response to an ongoing investigation into vocal music, art and science. His work explores the fusion of visual and audio cultures, transforming vocal music into visible, physical form through performance, installation, sculpture, photography and film as well as curatorial, directorial and academic projects. Yeff's expertise in vocal musicianship and performance has generated an online global following, generating over 60 million views and recognition as a pioneer of experimental vocalism.

Yeff has created ambitious and successful projects in a variety of media. In collaboration with Studio PSK, Harry conceived the Polyphonic Playground, a large-scale playground structure comprising electric paint circuitry and instrumental trigger pads. The work was exhibited at the South Bank, London (2016) and the Museum of Art and Design, New York (2017). Yeff has exhibited and performed widely including Miami Basel, London, Milan and Tokyo Design Weeks, Tate Britain, the British Film Institute, and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Exhibition opening times:

See also: Events on the Colonnade House website

Photo: 'Organic Electronic' - an audio-reactive laser-bending vibrating structure created by Zach Walker & Harry Yeff

PR19-024 - Organic Electronic - an audio-reactive laser-bending vibrating structure created by Zach Walker & Harry Yeff


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