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Welcome to our new website

How the new website works

The new Adur & Worthing Councils' website replaces the two old separate websites. It is an entire rewrite from scratch of almost the whole site which has involved every service represented on the site in some capacity. This isn't a cut-and-shut job to join the two old sites together. We took the decision to do this the hard way and integrate the two Councils' service information into joint information.

'Sections' of the site

The new website is divided into four 'sections' or 'customer' types: Residents, Businesses, Visitors and The Councils (Democratic function). This separates information away from each other, so for example you won't find business rates clogging up the resident's information.

In each 'section'

In each 'section' you will find a list of the most common 'services' applicable to that customer. These appear in the white menu bar across the top of the page under the blue banner. Most (but not all) of these services give a pull down menu with links taking you to 'information' (in the left hand side) or 'top tasks' (on the right). This cuts down the number of clicks you use to get to the page you want.

'Service landing pages' and 'tiles'

'Service landing pages' (and the homepage) offer you a range of 'tiles' with icons, photos or text on to make it easier to find information you are looking for.

'Information pages'

'Information pages' provide you with the information about the service you are looking for along with document downloads and forms for you to use. They have service contact details in the right hand column (that stay in view as you scroll down the page) which you can use if the page doesn't answer your question. It also has a 'problem with this page' link so you can tell us of any problems you find with the page.

A to Z

The A to Z section lists most things you may be looking for. If you type the first two letters of the word or topic you are looking for you will jump down the page to that point to make your search quicker. The A to Z menu listing also docks at the top of the screen as you scroll down the page so you can select another letter without having to return to the top of the page. There is also a 'suggest an entry' link that you can use to let us know if you couldn't find something in the A to Z.


Or you can try the search engine - but please bear in mind this will take a few weeks to bed in and get fully optimised on the new site ... 

Finally - let us know what you think ...

Finally ... please explore our site and let us know what you think by sending us an email or by using the report a website problem form.

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