I am being evicted

I am being repossessed

If you are at risk of repossession action, or if your mortgage lender has written to you to tell you that they are considering repossession action, please contact us for advice. You should always try to discuss your situation with your mortgage lender in the first instance but if you are have difficulty paying your mortgage and your lender is telling you that they are going to take action against you, you need to seek advice at the earliest opportunity

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My mortgage lender is taking me to court

If you have not already contacted us for advice, please do so as a matter of urgency. We may be able to negotiate with your mortgage lender on your behalf in relation to any action they are taking against you. We will also be able to look at your income to ensure you are receiving any benefits you are entitled to and give you advice about how to prioritise any debts you may have.

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I have a Court Order

If you have received an order from the Court telling you that you have to leave your property, and you have nowhere else to live, you must contact us straight away. Please do not wait until the day the Court Order expires or when you have received a Bailiff's Warrant.

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I have a Bailiff's Warrant

If you have received a Bailiff's Warrant from the court telling you that you must leave your property, please contact us straight away.

Please do not wait until the day the Bailiff's Warrant expires before contacting us.

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Page last updated: 10 September 2012