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Get Up & Active - Hearty Lives

In Adur, the highly acclaimed Hearty Lives Adur project which which was originally funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), will continue until January 2018 in Adur.

In Worthing taster programmes will be run for a heavily subsidised fee until additional funding can be found.

The project has been working with the following target groups:

Artie Beat and schoolchildren

  • 4 to 6 year olds and their parents/carers/teachers
    This area of work has taken the form of a six week Happy Hearts programme which has been offered to all the reception and Year 1 classes in the Adur primary school. Healthy lessons such as 'Foods of the Rainbow', 'Inside my Body' and 'Happy Hearts' are delivered in a fun, interactive and practical way to educate the children on how to keep their hearty happy. Parent sessions and teacher workshops are also offered.

For more information on the Hearty Lives Adur project, please contact:

Hannah Jenkins, Artie Beat and Tammy Waine - 470

Photo: Hannah Jenkins, Artie Beat and Tammy Waine

So far the project has engaged with over 5,000 people within Adur!

A few quotes from people who have taken part in the project ...

Anna Bayliss, Herons Dale Special Needs Primary School:

“It has been such a pleasure to work with you both. You engaged the children from the start and they enjoyed the sessions with you both so much and retained loads!”

Parent from St Nics and St Mary's Primary School:

“Thank you for your time. My son from Gray Whales loved the sessions and only yesterday was talking about his heart, brain and ears and whether they grow with him or not!”

Parent from Glebe Primary School:

“Thank you so much for the sessions you have been running at my daughter's school this half term. She has really enjoyed them and they have sparked a lot of discussion around what is healthy and what is not. My favourite moment was watching my daughter run round our house like a loon shouting, I'm just doing my exercise, I'll be with you in a minute mummy!”

Vicki Pither, Herons Dale Special Needs Primary School:

“The children are loving the healthy hearts input you guys so brilliantly provide- we are doing refreshers and reminders throughout the week, and the children are soaking up the information like sponges! Today, in a phonics session, I was given the words 'heart', 'lung' and 'stomach' when working on initial sounds 'h', 'l' and 's'! I was expecting words like 'hat' and 'sun', so I was very pleased when they used some new vocab! It's obviously on their minds all the time!”

Hannah Jenkins and Foods of the Rainbow - 470

Photo: Hannah Jenkins and Foods of the Rainbow

British Heart Foundation

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