Air quality monitoring and forecasts

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Air quality monitoring stations

Adur & Worthing Councils operate two real-time air quality monitoring stations:

1. A27 Upper Brighton Road, Grove Lodge, Worthing

This monitors Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and PM2.5 (small particles less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter). This site is affiliated to the Automatic Urban Rural Network (AURN), the UK's largest automatic monitoring network. It is the main network used by Government for compliance reporting against the Ambient Air Quality Directives. Monitoring results are available via:

Apps: Monitoring results for this site are also available via mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.

2. A259 High Street, Shoreham-by-Sea

This monitors Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and PM10 (small particles less than 10 micrometres in diameter). Monitoring results are available via the Sussex-air website.

Apps: Monitoring results for this site are also available via mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Passive 'diffusion tubes'

Air sampling site

Adur & Worthing Councils also use small passive 'diffusion tubes' at various sites to monitor Nitrogen Dioxide.

Passive diffusion tubes are an inexpensive simple sampling method. The tubes are left exposed for periods of a month at a time and are then sent away for laboratory analysis. This method has the advantage that numerous sites can be set up to indicate the spatial spread of pollution. Monitoring sites can be set up easily simply by clipping a tube to a lamp post or building façade. The disadvantage of diffusion tubes is that only long term measurements can be made such as fortnightly, monthly or annually.

Monitoring results are available in the spreadsheets below:‌

The data we collect helps to show trends in air quality and helps the Councils in their duties to ensure air quality meets strict national limits. It allows the Councils to target the areas of most concern.

See also: annual air quality reports.

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Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council are members of the Sussex Air Quality Partnership (Sussex-air), which promotes improvements in air quality related issues in Sussex.

This was established over 10 years ago to support Sussex local authorities with their Local Air Quality Management duties under the Environment Act 1995 and the implementation of the UK Air Quality Strategy.

The partnership comprises representatives from City, Borough and District Councils in East and West Sussex, East and West Sussex County Councils, the Sussex Health Protection Agency, Sussex Primary Care Trusts, the Environment Agency, the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton.

The partnership has helped with the modelling of geographical areas in both Councils where levels have exceeded, or been close, to the air quality objectives, including the Air Quality Management Areas.

The partnership provides information on the levels of pollutants from our continuous monitoring stations in the High Street (A259), Shoreham and Grove Lodge (A27), Worthing, Air Quality Management Areas.

For more details see the Sussex-air website.

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Adur & Worthing Councils support the 'airAlert' air pollution text messaging service.

The service, provided by Sussex-air, is available to any resident in Sussex and sends free messages to those who register for the service informing them about air pollution levels in their area.

For more details see the airAlert website.

See also the Air pollution forecasts from the airAlert website below

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Air pollution forecasts from Sussex Air

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Page last updated: 09 August 2022

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