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Barbecues and food safety

Cooking food outdoors can increase the risk of food poisoning. The amount of food poisoning cases increase in the summer months. It's harder to keep foods very hot or very cold and to keep everything clean, but with extra care barbeques can be safe as well as fun.

Top tips:

  • wash hands before touching food and after handling raw meat and poultry
  • keep foods to be cooked away from foods which are ready to eat
  • keep meats and salads cold until its time to cook or eat them
  • light the barbecue well in advance, make sure you use enough charcoal and wait until it is glowing red (with a powdery grey surface) before starting to cook
  • undercooked burgers, sausages and poultry can be a serious health hazard - take extra care to cook them throughout until the juices run clear and no pink bits remain

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Page last updated: 09 August 2016