£150 one-off Council Tax energy rebate payment

If you live in a property in Council Tax bands A to D, you are likely to receive a £150 Council Tax rebate from the Government to help with the cost of rising energy bills. Your Council Tax band is shown on your bill or you can find it on GOV.UK.

How, and when, will I get paid the rebate?

Payments have been issued from 9th May 2022 onwards.

The rebate will be paid to the person who, at the end the day on 1st April 2022, is the Council Tax payer. The one-off payment of a £150 rebate will not need to be repaid, is non-taxable and will not affect any benefits that you receive.

All awards will be paid into the bank account of the person whose name appears on the Council Tax bill.

All payments must be made by 30th September 2022 so applications will not be accepted after 16th September 2022. If you haven't applied by this deadline and our records show that you are eligible, the £150 payment will be automatically credited to your Council Tax account.

Who's eligible?

To be eligible:

  • The property must be someone's main residence. This means that a payment can’t be made for second homes or empty properties.
  • The property must be in band A, B, C or D (or be in band E and have a disabled band reduction meaning that the Council Tax for Band D is payable).
  • You will still be eligible to receive the £150 if you do not currently pay any council tax because you receive maximum Council Tax Support and have no Council Tax to pay.
  • An exemption has been awarded because:
    • Everyone living there is a student
    • Everyone living there is aged under 18
    • Everyone living there has a severe mental impairment
    • The property is an annex that’s occupied by:
      • A dependant relative (of the person living in the main house) who is aged 65 or over
      • Someone with a severe mental impairment
      • Someone who is substantially or permanently disabled

A payment cannot be made if the Council Tax payer is a business, a body such as a housing association, a local authority or a government body.

Can I receive a payment if I don't meet the qualifying criteria?

The Government has also provided every council with a small discretionary fund to help residents who don't qualify for the £150 rebate.

Further details about the criteria to be used by Adur and Worthing Councils for discretionary awards will be provided here as soon as possible. This may, for example, include some circumstances when we will make a payment for properties that are in Council Tax bands E to H.

All discretionary payments will be made by 30th November 2022.

Fraudulent applications

If we believe that the information we hold about the Council Tax payer is inaccurate we may withhold payment. Alternatively, if we make a payment and later discover that we shouldn't have done so then we will ask you to pay the money back.

Neither the Government nor the councils will tolerate someone providing false information in order to receive a payment. If you provide inaccurate or misleading information you may be found guilty of fraud under the Fraud Act 2006.

Government guidance

The guidance that has been provided by the Government to local councils about the Council Tax Energy Rebate scheme is available on GOV.UK.

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