Public Health Strategy

Public Health Strategy 2018-2021: 'Start Well, Live Well, Age Well'

We want all of our residents to reach their full potential, to start well, live well and age well and to be able to contribute positively to the creation of enterprising and thriving local communities.

Having a good start in life, living healthy fulfilled lives as we work and raise families, and ageing well are all ambitions that we share. In our Public Health Strategy 2018-2021, Adur & Worthing Councils have set out priorities for enabling the better health and wellbeing of all our communities.

There is much to celebrate in Adur and Worthing, however we also know that both areas have significant health challenges: higher than average levels of obesity and alcohol misuse; low rates of physical activity; isolated older people and loneliness of all ages; early deaths from cancers; high incidence of mental health issues amongst our young people and low educational attainment to list just a few.

The strategy recognises the critical role both Councils can and need to play in promoting good health and wellbeing in communities and replaces the Councils' previous Public Health Plan.

The purpose of the Councils' Public Strategy is to try and tap into, focus and direct the energy of the Councils to use their resources, services and leadership role, to continually drive forward change in relation to the things that matter, in ways that bring about and enhance health and wellbeing in communities, sustainably.

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Page last updated: 16 May 2018