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Public Health Plan

Adur and Worthing have produced their first ever Public Health Plan, which was agreed in September 2014.

The first of its kind in the County and one of a few nationally, this plan has been achieved in recognition of the critical role both Councils' can and need to play in promoting good health and wellbeing in communities.

Population health and wellbeing is a critical factor to strong and resilient communities and economies. Nationally and locally there are some real challenges that need to be tackled around physical and mental health and wellbeing, including rates of obesity, cancers, mental health, long-term conditions, etc.

Together, we need to tap into, develop and adapt the potential within the Councils'; and communities to promote, challenge and improve health and wellbeing through the environment and social factors, including structural and behaviour change.

The purpose of this plan is to try and tap into, focus and direct the energy of the Councils to use their resources, services and leadership role, to continually drive forward change in relation to the things that matter, in ways that bring about and enhance heath and wellbeing in communities, sustainably.

This Public health Plan sits alongside the Councils' partnership work, which is led through Waves Ahead and the Adur and Worthing Health and Wellbeing Partnership.

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