Neighbourhood Working

Our neighbourhoods in Adur and Worthing are diverse in terms of levels of affluence and deprivation, demography, access to services and many other issues. Working alongside many communities, we know that there are issues common to all areas but also community and partner priorities and needs that differ greatly between neighbourhoods.

Whilst many of our services are delivered on a district and borough wide level, several of our key initiatives are delivered locally in some selected pilot neighbourhoods. One such initiative is our Neighbourhood Action Partnerships which we support via the Neighbourhood Team who are out and about in the community listening to and working with our partners including voluntary and community groups, elected members, local businesses and others to address the issues that matter to local people.

These Neighbourhood Action Partnerships make sure that:

  • Partners from different sectors work together with local communities
  • Concerns are fed back to shape the way services are delivered to better address local needs
  • Residents' involvement is encouraged
  • All partners are sharing best practice and resources

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Neighbourhood action partnerships were developed in other priority areas, their aim being to enable residents to shape and improve where they live:

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Page last updated: 21 November 2019