Eat Out Eat Well
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What is it?

Eat Out Eat Well

The Eat Out Eat Well Award has been developed to reward food outlets that provide their customers with healthier choices.

It has three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold, as is symbolised by an apple logo in the shape of a heart.

The level of award is based on a scoring system that takes into account the type of food on offer, cooking methods and how you promote healthy choices to your customers. The higher the score the higher the level of award.

To obtain a Gold Award, key members of your staff will additionally need to undertake accredited training in nutrition.

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What are the aims?

The award scheme aims to encourage food businesses to provide healthier options to customers, through the use of healthier catering practices, increasing fruit, vegetables and starchy carbohydrates and decreasing fat, sugar and salt levels.

It also recognises provision of healthy options for children and rewards staff training and promotion of healthier choices.

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Why is it important?

The average person eats one in every six meals out of the home. Research by the Food Standards Agency suggested that consumers felt that healthy eating was an important influencing factor when deciding what food to eat both inside and outside the home.

Obesity is a growing epidemic in the UK and causes more than 30,000 deaths a year in England alone.

Diet pays a major role in heart disease and has been linked to some cancers.

It's more important than ever for food outlets to help consumers make the right choices.

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Who can apply?

The FREE award scheme is open to all types of food outlets that cater for the general public. This could include restaurants, cafes, canteens, takeaways and more.

Premises will usually be considered for an award at the time of a satisfactory food hygiene inspection by the Public Health & Regulation Team. In addition, premises may also be assessed if requested by the owner.

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Who runs the award?

The Public Health & Regulation Team in association with the Sussex Partnership Scheme.

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What's in it for me?

The Eat Out Eat Well Award is good for your business and your customers.

You could make a huge contribution to improving your customers' diet and health by providing healthier food choices.

You'll have public recognition for achieving the award and could enhance your image as a responsible business.

It could give you a competitive edge and increase customer satisfaction as the demand for healthier choices continues to grow - many manufacturers and retailers who have introduced healthier options are seeing growth in sales.

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What will I need to do?

The award is free for businesses to enter.

To request an assessment contact:

  • The Public Health & Regulation Team - see contact details (right)

To find out more visit the:

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Page last updated: 11 July 2016