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How will I be paid?

Payment of Housing Benefit

When will it be paid?

As soon as your claim is decided we will make a payment of any benefit owing up to, and including, that week. Following this first payment we will pay benefit in arrears in intervals of either two or four weeks.

Who will we make payment to?

We will normally make payments to the person making the claim.

For new claims and claims due to a change in address that we received before April 2008 from private tenants we will, where requested, make payment direct to the customer's landlord. However, for claims from private tenants that have been received after the beginning of April 2008, payment will usually be made directly to the customer - for further information please see the Local Housing Allowance page

Payments sent to customers will be made two-weekly in arrears. Payments sent to landlords will be made four-weekly in arrears.

How will benefit be paid?

Housing Benefit payments are issued either by bank transfer (BACS) or by crossed cheque. We prefer to pay by BACS because not only is this more convenient for the person receiving the payments (since they don't have to pay a cheque into their account and then wait for it to clear through the banking system) but it also reduces the chance of delays due to, for example, postal strikes.

If you currently receive payments by cheque but would like to receive them by BACS transfer, please download and complete a BACS form, fill it in and return it to the Revenues & Benefits Service as soon as possible.

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Payment of Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is not awarded in the form of a payment, but is credited as a rebate to the customer's Council Tax account. This means that the Council Tax bill will be reduced by the amount of the benefit that is awarded and on-going instalments will be reduced accordingly.

Since Council Tax Support is usually calculated until the end of the current financial year, if your circumstances change part-way through the year and you become entitled to less help (or your entitlement is cancelled completely) this may mean that your Council Tax Support has been overpaid. If this happens, we will add the overpayment to your Council Tax account and you'll be sent a Council Tax Adjustment Notice that includes details about your new monthly Council Tax payments.

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