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Am I eligible?

Housing Benefit

Generally, anyone who has to pay rent on the home where they live may be entitled to Housing Benefit providing the tenancy is on a commercial basis and is not contrived to take advantage of the Housing Benefit scheme. Housing Benefit is sometimes known as Rent Allowance or Local Housing Allowance.

In order to potentially be entitled to Housing Benefit:

  • you should generally not be claiming Universal Credit
  • you should generally be the person who is liable to pay the rent for the property that you occupy as your home
  • the accommodation should be a private, Housing Association or Council property
  • boarders, lodgers, sub-tenants and hostel dwellers can also apply

Below is a list of people who are not usually entitled to Housing Benefit:

  • people who have claimed Universal Credit
  • owner occupiers (including people with mortgages)
  • most full-time students
  • people whose housing costs are paid through Income Support or Job Seeker's Allowance
  • people who live with and rent from close relatives
  • crown tenants
  • long leaseholders (21 years or longer)
  • certain persons from abroad
  • people in residential care and nursing homes

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Council Tax Support

Generally, anyone who has to pay Council Tax for the property that they live in as their home can claim Council Tax Support for that property. You may also be able to reduce the amount of Council Tax that you have to pay by applying for a discount or an exemption.

You should claim Council Tax Support from the Council if you have claimed Universal Credit from the Department for Work & Pensions.

Council Tax is normally paid by the person who is resident in the dwelling, but in certain circumstances non-resident owners are liable instead. Non-resident owners are not entitled to Council Tax Support.

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