Hate incidents (hate crime)

Adur & Worthing Councils are committed to taking action against 'hate incidents' or 'hate crime' - these include discrimination or harassment which you believe is based on your race, colour, nationality, ethnic or cultural background, faith, religious beliefs, disability, sexuality or gender identity. As part of this commitment we need to monitor the number of incidents in our district and more importantly offer advice and support to victims.

A hate incident is any incident which is perceived to be so by the victim or any other person. These incidents can be directed at someone or their property, examples include: threats, insults, taunting, personal attacks, arson, graffiti, leaflets, etc.

For further information, or to report a hate incident, please contact us and ask to report a hate incident or use the link below:

You can also report crimes to Sussex Police:

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Other useful external websites:

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Page last updated: 10 December 2020