Adur and Worthing Equality Statement and Policy 2020

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Our Equality Statement

Adur District and Worthing Borough Councils are committed to increasing inclusion and providing equality of opportunity in all our activities and to ensuring that discrimination does not occur.

We will strive for a workforce that reflects the diversity of the local community in order that our services are provided appropriately and the Councils benefit from a wealth of experiences.

The Councils will involve the wider community in our decision-making processes and use our influence to progress equality and inclusion issues in the Adur District and Worthing Borough.

To achieve our vision for inclusion and equality we will lead by example, we will listen to our communities and we will seek to work in collaboration with others. As part of this, and as set out in Platforms for our Places; Going Further plan, we will work to establish a platform that will aim to unlock the energy and unleash the power of people in the community to run and improve their own lives and the places they live.

We will undertake this work with care, support and respect, recognising the reality of disadvantage and discrimination experienced by many communities.

Equalities Policy

The Equality Policy outlines our equalities commitments to our employees, members and residents.

Adur & Worthing Councils are focused on what is practical: not templates or paperwork for the sake of them, but a genuine focus on real impact. In this context, equality and inclusion for the Councils is about:

  • Better engagement with customers
  • More representative and creative workforce
  • Increased level of trust, confidence and resilience within communities
  • More responsive services and getting it right the first time
  • Actively addressing disadvantage and prejudice, ensuring no one gets left behind.

The policy therefore forms the foundation of Platforms for our Places; Going further, specifically our 'Effortless Programme' and associated Good Service standards, where we have pledged to put customers at the heart of what we do, where we seek to improve our services and make them accessible to everyone.

As Councils, we are clear that our role is to enable individuals and communities to flourish and prosper. We seek to support communities to be resilient, creative, well connected, and adaptive to changing circumstances and have the ability to provide resources to each other.

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