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Choice Based Lettings - How applications are assessed

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What is a Choice Based Lettings Scheme?

A Choice Based Lettings Scheme gives people more personal choice about where they want to live. Adur District Council and Worthing Borough Council operate Choice Based Lettings to advertise and let properties that are available to rent from Adur Council or from Housing Associations (for example Worthing Homes in Worthing).

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How do I apply for Choice Based Lettings?

You need to complete a Housing Application Form and provide supporting documents. To be able to successfully register you must provide a contact address so we can write to you.

See also: Housing Register - Applying for housing.

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How will my application be assessed?

All applications are place into one of four bands. These bands indicate the priority you have for housing. Each band has a number of different band reasons and your application is assessed to see which band reasons match your circumstances.

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What are the bands?

  • Band A indicates an urgent need to move into Council or Housing Association accommodation
  • Band B is for people who have a high priority to move into Council or housing Association accommodation
  • Band C is for people who have an identified need for housing
  • Band D is those people who have registered an interest in alternative housing but are assessed as having no housing need or their priority for housing has been reduced

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What band will I be in?

Your application will be assessed in accordance with the Councils' policies and based on the information you provide. The band you are placed in will reflect your current circumstances.

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What can I do if I think I am in the wrong band?

You can contact us to make sure we have the correct information and appeal in writing if you think your circumstances match the Band reasons in a higher Band.

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What is a priority date?

A priority date is the either the date of your application or the date your application moved up into a higher band. Priority dates are used to rank applications in the same band into a priority order.

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What if my circumstances change?

Your application will be reassessed to decide whether your change of circumstances affects your band or priority date.

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What have I not been given priority on medical grounds?

Medical priority is given when an applicant or a member of their household (included on their application) has an illness or disability that is affected by their housing situation. Medical Priority is not given on the basis that a person has health problems because many people suffer from health problems regardless of where they live.

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What are the mobility levels?

Mobility levels are used to identify properties that are suitable for people with mobility problems. Applicants who have a mobility level awarded to their application are given priority for properties that are match that mobility level.

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How is local connection assessed?

Local connection is used to prioritise applications so that those people who are currently living in the area they are applying to, or already have a connection to that area, are given priority.

Local connection is defined in the Register of Housing Need and Choice Based Lettings Policies for Adur and Worthing. Generally it refers to people who are currently living in Adur or Worthing and have done so for at least six months. However, there are some exclusions to this which can be found in the policies.

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What happens if I am homeless?

If you have an active application and can provide a contact address you can register for housing and bid for properties.

See also: Homelessness.

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